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What ?

A dry brush respectful of our blue planet and our body that dislodges dead cells, stimulates the lymph and visibly improves the texture of our skin.

For who ?

Absolutely everyone, even sensitive skin.

Why do we love it?

This killer mini size brush is the number one essential in a body care routine! Its natural fiber is dry enough to exfoliate the epidermis without being painful, making this energizing ritual a moment to look forward to every morning.

Pursoma Dry Brush

This small brush with many benefits transforms the driest skin in just a few days! Its natural fiber bristles dislodge dead cells and gently exfoliate the skin, thus preventing blemishes and skin dryness. Daily brushing with a dry brush helps to refine the texture of the skin in the long term, to minimize sagging skin and traces of cellulite by effectively unifying the epidermis. The icing on the cake, all the treatments applied afterwards will be even more effective!

In addition, a dry brush massage stimulates our lymph , which suffers greatly from our many hours spent sitting at a desk, and yet plays a crucial role in our body's detoxification system. Good circulation ensures the performance of our limbs and organs, prevents stagnation and the accumulation of toxins, thus keeping us in top shape. People suffering from the painful phenomenon of "heavy legs" or water retention, but also from constantly cold extremities (the unstoppable symptom of less than optimal circulation) will be immensely relieved by the daily use of a dry brush that gently stimulates lymph and circulation.

Our tips for using the Pursoma Dry Brush properly

Every morning, or as often as possible, proceed with small circular massages starting from the feet to the heart, emphasizing behind the knees and on the upper thighs. Continue in the same way for the upper body starting from the hands to the heart. To get rid of dislodged dead cells, slip into as cold a shower as possible to amp up this ultra-invigorating energizing treatment. When you get out of the shower, generously apply your favorite moisturizing body treatment like Susanne Kaufmann Body Butter or Nuori Vital Body Balm .

To best keep your brush dry, never run it under water. To clean it, just tap it to remove small impurities and purify it more deeply using sunbathing for at least 8 hours as often as necessary.

Main material of the packaging : Cardboard

Fibre de jute récoltée de manière éthique.

Your reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Très bien pour aide à booster la
circulation lymphatique.

Brosse douce et agréable mais efficace

Correspond bien à ma peau sèche.

Susana Pardeiro
Une belle decouverte

Je peux plus me passer de cette brosse ,brosser sonn corps fait un bien fou ;

Alain Lebrun LEBRUN SA

Brosse douce et facile à prendre en main. Je l utilise quotidiennement et j'ai troqué ma peau de crocodile contre une peau de bébé !


Très agréable, non agressif. Peut-être utilisé et doit être utiliser 😊 tous les jours

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