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Choosing your moisturizer

It is THE flagship product of any self-respecting beauty routine. Moisturizing cream is nothing more and nothing less than our skin's daily guardian angel.

Its primary function is to maintain optimal skin hydration levels. Why is it so important? For our comfort, first of all (no one likes having tight skin); but also to prevent signs of skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.).

Because well-hydrated skin is skin that is better equipped against external stress factors that precipitate the appearance of signs of aging.

Add to that a handful of targeted active ingredients, a texture adapted to your skin type and a sensoriality that you like... And you get a high-performance and pleasant moisturizing cream that you will enjoy using every day. 😉

#1 Choose your day moisturizer.

The day cream for the face is applied in the morning. This is the final step in your skincare routine, after double cleansing, lotion, serum and eye contour.

Its role is above all protective. It is there to regulate the insensible losses of water that we are all faced with.

It is generally boosted with synergistic substances to help the skin strengthen its natural defenses. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, whether you are 20 or 60, one thing is certain: it is essential to feeling good about yourself!

The diversity of formulas on the market today makes it possible to target any beauty fantasy.

I want a moisturizer with a light texture

This cream is a treasure of hydration and comfort for skin damaged by cold temperatures. Its melting texture acts from the first application to erase the intensity of redness.

Ideal for: dry or atopic skin.

The +: it can be used all over the face or as a local SOS treatment in case of pronounced dryness.

I need a cocooning day cream

This cream is a treasure of hydration and comfort for skin damaged by cold temperatures. Its melting texture acts from the first application to erase the intensity of redness.

Ideal for: dry or atopic skin.

The +: it can be used all over the face or as a local SOS treatment in case of pronounced dryness.

I want the Rolls of anti-aging

The ultimate elixir to regenerate the skin's natural radiance and boost its firmness. Formulated with real diamond powder, it bathes the skin in hydration and suppleness while blurring the appearance of wrinkles.

Ideal for: mature skin with a dull, dry and devitalized appearance.

The +: its rich and silky texture which envelops the skin with a feeling of luxurious comfort.

I prefer balm textures

A best-seller from the Leahlani brand, this cult balm with a pink color intensely revitalizes the appearance of the skin. Rich in tropical active ingredients, it provides flexibility, comfort and anti-aging benefits.

Ideal for: mature skin prone to dryness.

The +: its delicious smell of orange blossom.

I want to hunt for traces of fatigue

A day treatment with healthy-looking and anti-aging effects, perfect for boosting the appearance of the skin in the morning. Naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it improves the radiance of the complexion and prevents accelerated aging.

Ideal for: all skin types looking for a healthy, radiant appearance.

The +: its deliciously fruity “good vibes” fragrance.

I want a non-comedogenic moisturizer

Like a large glass of vegetable and fruit juice for the skin! A source of precious nutrients, this cream with a deliciously refreshing texture boosts the skin's natural glow without clogging its pores.

Ideal for: combination, oily or blemish-prone skin.

The +: its ultra-hygienic presentation designed to preserve its cosmetic qualities as much as possible.

I'm looking for an all-in-one moisturizer

THE “gifted” cream for those who want the best in dermocosmetics, here, now, right away. It combines 8 star active ingredients to act on all beauty concerns at once (or almost!)

Best for: All skin types, including sensitive skin.

The +: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, bakuchiol, ceramides, vitamin C, vitamin E, panthenol, peptides: what more could you ask for?

I dare to use solid moisturizing cream

What if you tried a cream in solid format? Composed of butters and organic fruit extracts, this solid lotion nourishes, softens and protects the skin with a scent of 100% natural peach pulp.

Ideal for: skin prone to dryness.

The +: multifunctional, it can be used on both the face and the body!

I need soothing treatment for my skin

This cream helps optimize the hydration level of the upper layers of the epidermis and restore the integrity of the skin barrier. It contains upcycled coffee extract with antioxidant benefits.

Ideal for: skin prone to feelings of irritation, dryness and fine lines from dehydration.

The +: its vegan formula and its recycled glass packaging.

I am looking for a moisturizer compatible with my pregnancy

This cream composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin has been tested under dermatological control. It is suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, for whom it hydrates the skin of the face and brightens the complexion.

Ideal for: normal to dry skin.

The +: its patented complex which pampers the skin's microbiome.

#2 Choosing your night cream.

The night cream is there to help the skin “recover” from the day. It supports its cellular regeneration (which peaks around 1 a.m.!) Because it is during the night that the skin repairs itself, particularly in the event of pigment spots, imperfections or sunburn.

The night cream supports the skin in this delicate process. Often more concentrated in active substances than day moisturizer, it can target specific beauty concerns: anti-aging, enlarged pores, redness, etc.

Some emulsions are reserved for nighttime use, because they contain very active substances known to be photosensitizing. This is the case for retinol and AHAs, for example.

In this situation, remember to apply an SPF the next morning!

I want a nighttime moisturizer that targets my enlarged pores

This night treatment has been designed to gently reduce shine and tighten the appearance of enlarged pores. Its formula with alpine active ingredients strengthens the skin barrier without suffocating the skin and evens out uneven complexions.

Ideal for: combination, oily and blemished skin.

The +: it is particularly recommended to combat minor redness.

I'm looking for a night cream for my sensitive skin

Chamomile extract (soothing) meets here bisabolol (anti-aging) and jojoba oil (softening). They deliver their benefits during the night to strengthen the hydrolipidic film and refresh the complexion.

Ideal for: dry and delicate skin lacking softness and comfort.

The +: its affordable price.

I dream of a regenerating night balm

This night treatment contains a plant extract with retinol-like effects. It combines with a regenerating complex from wild plants to refine the skin's texture, plump its volume and illuminate traces of fatigue.

Ideal for: mature skin, marked by fatigue and signs of aging.

The +: its melting formula with an exceptional cocooning touch.

I need to stock up on glow at night

This creamy treatment with a dewy texture offers visible results from the first use. It envelops the skin in comfort and revives its freshness during the night, for a complexion with optimal luminosity when you wake up.

Ideal for: dull complexions and mature skin.

The +: the acupressure tool included in the box to stimulate the skin of your face in strategic areas.

I want to “smooth” my features effortlessly

This night cream is a regenerating treatment with 99% ingredients of natural origin, certified organic and made in France. Its complex of cutting-edge active ingredients helps to restructure the oval of the face and reduce muscle microtension.

Ideal for: stressed skin or skin prone to the first signs of aging.

The +: its airless bottle which delivers the right dose in one press.

#3 Bonuses to layer on top of your moisturizer.

Remember: moisturizer is not an end in itself. It is even more effective and adapted to your needs if it takes place in a well-thought-out routine beforehand.

You can of course go straight to makeup after applying your cream. Some of them also make excellent makeup bases.

But in most cases, it is preferable to consider a little “topping” to make a difference in the beauty and comfort of your skin.

UV alert? Hop, sunscreen!

The sun may not shine all year round - accelerated skin aging is a threat present 365 days a year.

Even without living in the tropics, an SPF is a decisive element in protecting your skin from free radicals generated by some of the sun's radiation.


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