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Who are we ?

Let's discover Johan, founder of Happy Officine

Johan, tell us about your journey to the creation of Happy Officine

I have a background off the beaten track. Autodidact interested in everything, from horticulture to IT through events, I am a jack-of-all-trades passionate about travel, human sciences, history, photography... My background is atypical, multidisciplinary (and unruly!). I created my first activity at the age of 20 and worked in very varied fields before becoming interested in responsible consumption, natural products and more particularly cosmetics.

How did your interest in responsible consumption come about?

Johan: My attention was drawn to the composition of products for daily use in the kitchen as well as for hygiene. I started looking for responsible brands for my personal use, but I quickly realized the complexity of finding the products that I liked.

I have long been torn between pleasure and reasonableness, stressed by the guilt caused by my way of consuming and by the sometimes totally illogical behavior of consumers. I'm a normal person, with life habits that sometimes aren't perfect or full of contradictions, but the desire to become more and more responsible and aware of my consumption. I don't want to feel guilty if I buy this or that product, and above all, I want to keep the pleasure!

What is the genesis of Happy Officine?

Johan: As I love aesthetics and have always been attracted to the world of beauty, I became interested in the labels of hygiene and beauty products. I quickly fell from the top when I discovered the compositions and I started to draw up a blacklist for my personal use… I feel really fed up with remaining spectators of the gradual destruction of our planet. Tired of plastic, of being fooled, of polluting, of buying fakes! So I wanted to share my discoveries and experiences and get involved in my own way.

We have no vocation to save humanity alone, but we are attentive on the subject. In addition, I need to have a professional activity that makes sense, that brings me pleasure and is not a race for profitability that makes you do anything. I am vigilant about working conditions and not ready to do anything to earn a living.

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