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Choosing your eye contour treatment

Too often forgotten in our skincare routine, the eye area is nevertheless the first to betray our little daily excesses.

It tends to wrinkle prematurely (the fault of all these micro-expressions which overload our tissues in the orbicularis muscle), hence the famous crow's feet.

Add to that a few hiccups in lymphatic and blood drainage (following a sleepless night or extra hours on screen, for example)… and fine lines are accompanied by dark circles and bags that are sometimes difficult to dislodge.

Like the rest of your face, your eye area needs to be properly hydrated. And the little extra that changes everything: regularly offering him a stimulating massage. In any case, it has a specificity to never forget: its much finer and more delicate skin, which only tolerates gentleness.

#1 I choose an eye contour treatment to combat the signs of aging.

Your eye area is also aging. It is even one of the first areas of the face to wrinkle.

Its skin is thin and almost devoid of hydrolipidic film, which makes it more vulnerable to external stress factors. All our daily physical games tend to mark it: these are expression lines, which only appear when the platysmus muscles contract. Over time, the skin loses collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). It resists traction less well and seems to hollow out. This is when wrinkles set in permanently.

The solution: act preventively against accelerated skin aging and improve the appearance of your fine lines with active ingredients with plumping and firming properties.

I'm under 25, I want a light moisturizer.

Its light, melting texture is full of hyaluronic acid and a complex of vitamins C + E. It helps maintain an optimal level of hydration and fight against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Ideal for: skin prone to small fine lines from dehydration.

The +: its fast-absorbing formula with a non-greasy finish.

I'm 30 years old, I want to soften the first signs of aging.

Formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin, this treatment contains super-extracts of wild plants (beech bud, birch sap) with regenerating properties.

Ideal for: all skin types prone to dullness, to apply even under makeup.

The +: its original balm texture which “breaks” into water under the pressure of the finger.

I'm over 40, I want to smooth the appearance of my fine lines.

Its anti-aging effects are proven: this cream improves collagen production by up to 82%, for an eye contour that appears smoother and plumper over the days.

Ideal for: mature skin marked by crow's feet and frown lines.

The +: certified vegan and cruelty free by the Vegetarian Society.

I live in the city, I want to prevent the harm of pollution.

A marvel of innovation “doped” with edelweiss extract cultivated by Artificial Intelligence for a maximized concentration of natural anti-aging acids.

Ideal for: established wrinkles and fine lines and skin losing firmness.

The +: fragrance-free to preserve the comfort of sensitive or irritated skin.

I have a very dry and wrinkled eye area, I want to soften it.

Its balm texture enriched with restorative alpine extracts comforts the eye contour and offers a maximum protective effect against external aggressions.

Ideal for: dry, fragile and demanding eye contours.

The +: certified vegan and cruelty free by the Vegetarian Society.

I have sensitive skin, I want suitable anti-aging care.

Enriched with vegetable lanolin, this eye contour oil helps protect this delicate area. It repairs the appearance of damaged skin and preserves collagen fibers.

Ideal for: atopic-prone skin and thin skin.

The +: its compact format which makes it a valuable all-purpose ally on the go.

#2 I choose an eye contour treatment against traces of fatigue.

Young skin or mature skin: bags and dark circles are a recurring beauty concern.

These traces of fatigue are generally the consequence of a slowdown in microcirculation around the eye. Waste accumulates, notably blood pigments, which gives the bluish or purplish color of vascular rings.

As for bags, they result from an accumulation of fluids or fats under the eyes. Note that the appearance of dark circles and bags can also be precipitated by genetic factors.

The solution: combine formulas with decongestant and lightening benefits with refreshing applicators to restore a rested-looking look.

I have pockets, I want to deflate their volume.

A moisturizer as light as a serum! It combines hyaluronic acid with tuberose plant cells for a toning and brightening result on traces of fatigue.

Ideal for: dehydrated skin.

The +: its 2-in-1 action on fine lines and bags around the eyes.

I have dull eyes, I want an immediate radiance effect.

It contains a “retinol-like” plant active ingredient which offers progressive illuminating effectiveness. Its tiny pearls instantly awaken the eye, discreetly.

Ideal for: looks that seem dull. Also suitable as a makeup base.

The +: its ceramic tip with decongestant benefits.

I have a tired eye area, I want to refresh it.

Its triple anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles action relaxes the appearance of the eye contour. Its gel formula combined with its ball tip immediately refreshes the skin.

Ideal for: wrinkled skin and tired eye contours.

The +: formulated with no less than 67% organic ingredients.

I want a comforting oily texture.

Its silky texture melts into the skin with finesse. Its blend of baobab and sarsaparilla oil coats the skin in nutrition and improves the appearance of dark circles and bags.

Ideal for: dry and mature skin.

The +: its floral, earthy and slightly sweet scent which increases the pleasure of use.

I prefer a hybrid texture, half oil, half gel.

A complete treatment, both gentle and powerful, which targets the signs of aging and traces of fatigue. Its trio of caffeine, pilosella and daisy helps lighten the pigmentation of dark circles.

Ideal for: eye contours with a devitalized appearance.

The +: it can also be used on the lip contour, just before applying lip balm.

I want a “relieving” eye contour at a low price.

Double dose! Enriched with caffeine and green tea extract, it “energizes” the appearance of the eye contour. It helps to tone the appearance of bags and fade the coloring of dark circles.

Ideal for: bluish/purple dark circles and bags.

The +: its vegan formula with 99.9% ingredients of natural origin.

#3 Bonuses to boost the benefits of your eye cream.

Good care for the eye area, and the trick is in the bag? Not so sure…

There is still time to optimize the penetration of its active ingredients and its benefits on your skin. The ritual that changes the game: the massage (which is also deliciously pleasant), preferably performed in the morning to awaken your eyes.

And for emergency situations, there's makeup. However, give your eye area time to penetrate before applying your concealer. This will prevent it from prematurely fading into fine lines.

Self-massage, your new anti-aging and anti-fatigue gesture.

Massage is an excellent reflex to stimulate the physiological functions of your skin. These beauty accessories can help you reactivate your skin microcirculation in the event of stagnant lymph and soften the relief of your signs of aging.

Massage around the eye area with your fingers: your ritual in 5 steps

Note: always perform your massage using an eye contour treatment (ideally an oil) to optimize the glide of your fingers and avoid “wrinkling” this delicate area.

  • 1. Smooth your treatment starting from the inner corner of the eye and gently going up from the hollow of the dark circle towards your temples.
  • 2. Expand your massage area. Make circles around your eyes, pressing gently with two or three fingers flat. Start from the inner corner of the eye, go over the brow bone, then go back down under your eye via the outer corner and return to your starting point, passing over the dark circle.
  • 3. Gently tap on your bags and dark circles with the tips of two or three fingers. Apply small, firm but gentle pressures (they should not leave any marks).
  • 4. Work on your crow's feet by smoothing it with the middle and index fingers of both hands, in quick alternating movements. Pretend you want to bring the outer corner of your eye toward the tip of your eyebrow.
  • 5. Finish by gently pinching your eyebrows between two fingers. Stretch your massage from the head of the eyebrow to its tip. Repeat this movement several times.

Concealer makeup, your morning SOS solution.

Is makeup cheating? It doesn't matter, as long as you feel beautiful in front of the mirror.

If your dark circles bother you, apply an anti-dark circle corrector to your eye area. Do not hesitate to layer a (light) veil of powder to “fix” the material, especially if your fine lines are already deepened. And for an even more discreet second-skin finish, think about makeup sponges!


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