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What routine for my combination skin?

Combination skin is ambivalent skin par excellence. Normal or even dry on the cheeks, but oily and shiny on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin): their contradictions make it a skin type that is difficult to please.

If there was only one piece of advice to remember, it would be this: be gentle with her!

We tend too much to try to strip it – this is the best way to destabilize it and cause discomfort, imperfections and redness. Clean it without over-exfoliating it, hydrate it without overloading it and take care of its surface microbiome. Here you have the main elements to create a routine perfectly suited to your combination skin. Here is our selection of products and active ingredients to support you in your daily skincare.

My selection of products for my combination skin

My makeup remover

When ? Every evening, only if you have worn sun protection and/or if you have applied makeup. Follow with cleaning with a foaming cleaning product, preferably without sulfates or potentially stripping surfactants.

Montana Harvest - Odacity

For those looking for a cleansing oil. It rinses off with water and leaves a satin feeling on the skin. Made with cold-pressed hemp oil in Montana.

The +: its essential oils of basil and lemongrass for a “spa” experience.

Make-up remover water - What Matters

For those who prefer fresh textures. This water removes makeup from the skin in just a few steps without leaving greasy residue. Its glycerin hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis during makeup removal.

The +: it is suitable for the whole family.

My cleanser

When ? Every evening, after removing your makeup. In the morning, only cleanse your skin if you wake up with oily, shiny skin. Otherwise, a simple refreshing lotion will do the trick. No need to insist too much: this is the best way to “excite” your sebaceous glands for the day.

Brightening Cleanser - Indie Lee

This foaming cleanser dissolves impurities while infusing skin with antioxidants. Very lightly exfoliating thanks to tomato lycopene, it gradually brightens the complexion.

The +: its gentle formula with strawberry oil.

Cleansing Foam with Aromatic Plants - La Canopée

Squeeze the pump: you get a light, ready-to-use foam. Its trio of repairing and purifying essential oils fight against shine and imperfections.

The +: its energizing scent, perfect for a “boost” effect.

My serum

When ? In the morning and/or evening, depending on your needs. Don't hesitate to combine two types of serum: one in the morning to hydrate and mattify your complexion + one in the evening to target dull complexion or blackheads.

Facial serum Zinc PCA - Q+A

It limits the shine of temperamental skin and firms the appearance of tissues. It contains zinc PCA and adaptogenic mushroom extracts.

The +: its light and hydrating texture which leaves the skin silky.

Clogged Pores Booster - Odacité

This treatment can be used like a classic serum or as a booster (mixed with the cream of your choice). Its synergy of jojoba and lavender refines skin texture and purifies pores.

The +: it is so concentrated that 2 to 3 drops are enough for each use.

My moisturizer

When ? Every morning, to protect your combination skin from the main external aggressions, prevent unwanted shine and soften your normal/dry areas. Using a night cream is optional, unless your skin is in a period of dehydration or discomfort.

Green Smoothie - Odacité

Neither too heavy nor too light, it provides the right dose of hydration to combination skin. Its smoothie-style mixture of cucumber and apple offers an immediate thirst-quenching effect.

The +: its formula is non-comedogenic (it does not clog pores).

Culture Gel - Antipodes

The cream to use in the evening, when your skin feels tight or has redness. It strengthens the skin's natural defense system and allows you to wake up with a soothed complexion.

The +: its unique gel-in-cream texture which melts like sorbet on the skin.

My sun protection

When ? Every morning, as the last step of your special combination skin routine, just after applying your day cream. It is essential to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays (they are drying and can promote a rebound effect with even more sebum in the T zone!)

Everyday Sunscreen - Le Rub

This sunscreen has a vegan and hypoallergenic formula based on non-nano zinc oxide. It is designed to be used every day, even on acne-prone skin.

The +: its imperceptible texture, without white, sticky or shiny effect.

Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 - Odacité

A facial sunscreen, but in a tinted version with FLEX-PERFECTINGTM technology which adapts to all skin tones with a luminous bare skin finish.

The +: its powerful SPF50 and PA++++ protection index.

My mask

When ? Once a week, on your makeup-free and cleansed skin... or during a “crisis” period, when your skin clearly shows its dissatisfaction (blurred complexion, imperfections, etc.).

Aura Manuka Honey Mask - Antipodes

Ideal for combination skin that seems “at the end of its tether”. The properties of legendary New Zealand Manuka honey purify the skin with rare gentleness.

The +: it does not dry on the skin and can be absorbed like a cream.

Supreme Moisture Mask - Nuori

A mask to do from time to time to strengthen the water balance of your skin. Intensely hydrating, it softens the appearance of fine lines and fades pimple marks.

The +: its mix of chamomile and Damascus rose pampers reactive skin.

My scrub

When ? Once a week up to once a month, depending on your skin's preferences. Some combination skin types aren't crazy about exfoliation: it's up to you to find your rhythm! If you opt for an exfoliating lotion for frequent use (rather recommended in case of blackheads), skip all other types of scrub from your routine. Enough is enough.

Replenishing Exfoliating Mask - On The Wild Side

This exfoliating mask combines mechanical (rice powder) and chemical (fruit acids) exfoliation. It eliminates excess sebum and dead cells while limiting reactive discomfort.

The +: its enveloping and comforting balm texture.

Gentle Daily Peel – Indie Lee

This lotion with AHA and BHA has the particularity of being able to be used every day (or every 2 to 3 days for sensitive combination skin). It replaces all your other exfoliating treatments.

The +: its formula which smoothes the skin texture and brightens the complexion effortlessly.

My selection of active ingredients for my combination skin


This active ingredient seems tailor-made for combination to oily skin! It's actually vitamin B3 (also known as vitamin PP). It helps to strengthen the skin's barrier function by stimulating the activity of aquaporins, while fighting against shine linked to excess sebum.

It also helps fade the appearance of redness, enlarged pores and age spots. In addition, it is generally very well tolerated by sensitive and delicate skin. In short, he has everything going for him.

Niacinamide gentle exfoliating cleanser - Q+A

This product combines the benefits of a cleanser and a gentle scrub. It is used morning and evening to even out the complexion without disturbing the microbiota of the skin surface.

The +: its fragrance-free and alcohol-free formula to respect stressed skin.

The One - Nuori

This “gifted” moisturizing cream concentrates no less than 8 essential active ingredients from dermocosmetics, including niacinamide. A safe bet for all ages!

The +: its gentle unisex fragrance does not contain allergens.

Prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics

The surface of our skin is inhabited by billions of microorganisms. Their harmonious understanding is essential to the beauty and health of our skin.

If the importance of this microbiota has often been neglected, more and more studies prove that its imbalances are involved in several skin problems. This is the case for certain skin imperfections or atopies, for example. So try to strengthen it daily with pre, pro or postbiotic treatments.

Health cream - Absolution

This day cream is formulated with a patented prebiotic (BioEcolia®) which maintains and stimulates the skin flora. Its plant extracts prevent redness and discomfort.

The +: it is the ideal formula for combination skin prone to imperfections.

Flora Repairing Mask with Probiotics - Antipodes

Enriched with probiotics and Harakeke flax gel from New Zealand, this mask refreshes and comforts sensitive and stressed skin in just 15 minutes.

The +: its cuddly texture with the scent of COSMOS-certified lavender and wild rose.

The bakuchiol

This active ingredient is particularly interesting for combination skin that is starting to age (and showing it). It is often presented as the best plant-based alternative on the market to traditional retinol (sometimes criticized for its irritating side effects on certain delicate skin). It is actually an extract of a plant called bakushi (Psoralea corylifolia). It has the advantage of combining anti-imperfection and anti-aging properties, while remaining gentler than vitamin A for sensitive skin.

3% Bakuchiol Serum - Merme

Formulated on a moisturizing aloe vera base, this serum with a high dose of bakuchiol fights against imperfections and prevents the signs of aging with a fine and light texture.

The +: its minimalist composition (only 6 ingredients).

Bio-Retinol + C Booster Serum - Evolve Beauty

With its oily base, this serum is more suitable for combination skin that tends to be dry. Enriched with bakuchiol and rosehip oil, it awakens the radiance of dull complexions.

The +: concentrated but light, this oil-serum does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

Bonuses to complete my routine for combination skin


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