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What ?

An anti-aging serum coupled with a cell regeneration booster that restores a youthful glow to the skin and protects it from skin aging.

For who ?

All skin types, especially mature skin.

Why do we love it?

Multifunction, the Delbôve Botanics Ephemerides serum acts on a host of skin discomforts: oxidative stress, gray mine, but also redness. The key from the first signs of aging for strong and healthy skin!

face serum

Composed around a rigorously elaborated powerful antioxidant and regenerating botanical combination, the Ephémérides Delbôve serum penetrates the heart of the cells to intensely revitalize aging skin and reactivate its natural light.

This radiance serum concentrates the anti-free radical virtues of vitamin E and vitamin A to strengthen the skin's shield against oxidative stress and preserve its youth. Over time, the skin gains in luminosity and develops an irresistible glow.

The Siberian ginseng that reinforces the formula of the Ephemerides serum infuses the skin with its rare adaptogenic properties to stimulate its defenses against external stress factors. Horse chestnut, on the other hand, reduces the diffuse redness of damaged skin and tones the tissues. The skin is radiant, full of youth and vigor.

Our advice for using the Ephémérides Delbôve serum properly

Vigorously shake your Delbôve Light Ephemerides elixir bottle to homogenize its aqueous and oily phases. Then place a few drops of care in the palm of your hand, and make your face, your neck and your décolleté benefit from light tapping movements. Repeat this ritual every day, morning and/or evening.

Main material of the packaging : Glass

Eau de rose* adoucit, tonifie, cicatrise

Eleutherococus senticosus TM (Ginseng de Sibérie) * plante adaptogène face aux aggressions externes, prévient le veillissement

Aesculus hippocastanum MT (marron d'Inde) * tonifiant, astringent, resserre les pores

Lavendula angustifolia MT (lavande) * calmante, régénérante

Retinyl Palmitate antioxydant, anti-âge

Panthénol (composant de la vitamine B5) participe à la synthèse des acides gras, protège la cellule

Acétate de tocophéryle (dérivé de la vitamine E) anti-radicaux libres, anti-inflammatoire

Allantoine apaisant, confort de la peau

Alpha bisabolol (composé actif de la camomille) améliore le métabolisme cutané, apaise, apporte confort à la peau

Alcanes de noix de coco emollient léger sans fini gras, alternative aux huiles minérales susceptibles d'être occlusives

* issus de l'agriculture biologique

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