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In 2014, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a stone's throw from the glamorous atmosphere of Monaco and the Cannes film festival, LEBON was born. A love story between the art and science of natural beauty. Founded by Stéphanie, art historian and her husband Richard, pharmacist and doctor, both lovers of the sea and nature, Lebon toothpastes offer 9 different flavors, all formulated from good ethical and natural ingredients combined with delicious notes of natural perfume from Grasse that give Lebon toothpaste a healthy and so delicious taste. They all contain certified organic Aloe Vera and Green Tea to naturally help protect gums and prevent tooth decay. LEBON toothpastes are vegan and naturally sweetened with stevia MAKING WAVES is the latest member of the LEBON family. A healthy new routine with the all-natural, alcohol-free mouthwash.

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