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Savon Noir Hammam

Savon Stories

Savon Noir Hammam

20.00 CHF

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Livraison Standard : 2 à 5 Jours ouvrables
Livraison Express : 1 à 2 Jours ouvrables

Victime de son succès

An ancient, skin-replenishing remedy, used to deeply clear pores & soften the body, allowing dead skin & impurities to be easily lifted.

An ideal remedy against the damaging effects pollution on skin, this unique wash experience leaves skin exceptionally radiant, smooth & ready to better absorb your moisturiser. Use with our Kessa Exfoliating Glove. Use 2-4x a month for healthier, supple skin.

Use to:
• Relieve troubled skin
• Smooth & revitalise
• Remove make-up
• Stop itchiness
• Prevent in-grown hair

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