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Choosing your double cleansing routine

Double cleansing is one of the pillars of a clean beauty routine. It consists of using two make-up removers and cleansers successively in order to eliminate all types of impurities likely to obstruct the natural functions of the skin.

Its particularity: it is only carried out in the evening, at the end of a day when the facial skin has been made up or even exposed to pollution. It allows you to apply your following active care products (lotion, serum, moisturizing cream) on a perfectly clean surface, “bare” for optimal absorption.

Ultimately, double cleansing is the key to maintaining healthy-looking skin, preventing signs of premature skin aging and fighting against imperfections.

Our advice: choose your two treatments according to your skin type and your beauty concerns, but without forgetting the practical and sensory aspect!

Step #1: makeup remover

This product has the function of removing makeup and dissolving excess sebum, pollution residues, traces of sweat and other everyday impurities.

It is therefore generally formulated from fatty acids (oils and butters) intended to capture all lipophilic molecules. Its presentation in the form of an oil or balm should not frighten skin prone to imperfections.

Today, many of these treatments contain a surfactant which makes them emulsified and rinsed more easily. So, no greasy film on the skin!

I am looking for a multi-use makeup remover

This all-in-one balm can be used as a nourishing treatment, night mask, eye contour or make-up remover. In the latter case, simply massage it into the skin and remove the last residue with a wipe soaked in hot water.

Ideal for: dry or mature skin.

The +: its wonderful scent, both flowery and sweet.

I'm on the go: I need a makeup remover that's easy to carry

These biodegradable wipes are soaked in organic quality coconut oil. They come in individual format, which allows you to take them anywhere. No need to rinse.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: they contain coconut oil, and nothing else!

I want a product with a minimalist formula

This cleansing oil contains only 4 ingredients. It is formulated with apricot kernel oil, known to improve the comfort and radiance of the skin. It is removed using warm muslin.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: its boost of grapefruit essential oil to boost the radiance of the complexion.

I would like to remove my makeup with an oil that rinses off with water

This cleansing oil has the particularity of being enriched with plant extracts from wild harvests. It gently removes make-up from the skin and supports its cellular regeneration on a daily basis.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: its sensory oil-in-cream texture makes it very pleasant to use.

I dream of a very (very) gentle makeup remover

This makeup remover cream removes makeup from the face, eyes and lips while preserving the integrity of the hydrolipidic film. Its 9 active ingredients of natural origin soothe, nourish and protect the epidermis.

Ideal for: sensitive, dry or atopic skin.

The +: it is made in France.

I prefer micellar waters

This micellar water is enriched with organic Damascus rose water. Its formula with 99% ingredients of natural origin eliminates impurities in a few gestures, while remaining light. It leaves the skin fresh and soft.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The plus: its low price.

I want a refreshing gel formula

Its emulsion-in-gel formula leaves an immediate feeling of well-being. It is enriched with moisturizing active ingredients to preserve the comfort of the skin after removing make-up.

Ideal for: skin that tends to feel tight.

The +: its delicious signature fragrance with notes of magnolia, Bulgarian rose and Italian lemon.

I want to switch to solid makeup remover

This pebble transforms into make-up remover milk on contact with wet skin. It is effective on all types of makeup, even waterproof. It leaves the skin clean and soft, without a greasy finish.

Ideal for: sensitive and delicate skin.

The +: its formula does not sting the eyes.

I'm looking for a refillable makeup remover

This best-selling makeup remover balm is available in full size and refill format. Its 99.9% organic formula is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that take care of the epidermis.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: it can also be used on the eyes.

Step #2: the cleanser

Once makeup removal is done, we move on to the detergent treatment. Its lightly foaming formula is designed to eliminate the last residue of makeup remover and cleanse pores more deeply.

It comes in different forms, but the most common is gel. In all cases, it must be rinsed in order to truly “bare” the skin. Micellar water, despite its light texture, is therefore not ideal for this step.

Good news: depending on your needs, the product you use in the second step of double cleansing can also be used to wake up your skin in the morning.

I want a cleansing foam

This cleanser stands out for its very original foam texture! Light and pleasant, it cleanses the skin while respecting its skin barrier. It is one of the emblematic products of the Nuori brand.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: its fruity pomegranate scent.

I'm looking for a radiance-boosting cleanser-exfoliator

Enriched with fruit acids (AHA), this expert cleansing treatment visibly improves the radiance of dull complexions. It helps to even out skin tone irregularities, such as pigment spots or acne scars.

Ideal for: mature or blemished skin.

The +: leave it on for 10 minutes for an express exfoliating mask.

I prefer facial soaps

This all-pink soap is formulated around the wonderful revitalizing properties of rosehip and Damask rose. It cleanses the skin while nourishing it and infusing it with toning active ingredients.

Ideal for: mature skin.

The +: it smells of roses, of course!

I need a purifying cleanser for my oily skin

This gel cleanser helps unclog pores with a refreshing minty formula. Its cleansing base with apple amino acids cleanses the skin surface without compromising its hydrolipidic film.

Ideal for: skin prone to shine and blackheads (blackheads, whiteheads).

The +: its stimulating fragrance with essential oils of tea tree and peppermint.

I want an anti-tightness cleanser

Its humectant complex of inulin and glycerin preserves precious surface hydration during the cleansing stage. It thus helps to maintain soft, comfortable and soothed skin on a daily basis.

Ideal for: dehydrated skin and sensitive skin.

The +: its foam texture, like a cloud of softness for the skin.

I'm looking for a cleanser suitable for men's skin

Men's skin is naturally thicker and oilier than women's. This cleansing gel meets their specific needs by reducing their sebaceous secretions. It leaves the skin fresh, soft and soothed.

Ideal for: all skin types.

The +: it contains 65% ingredients from organic farming.

I need a “heavy” cleanser for the summer

This bar of soap is specially formulated to deeply cleanse pores and remove stubborn impurities. It helps to smooth skin texture and refresh the complexion with a boost of protective agents.

Ideal for: skin prone to imperfections.

The +: its refreshing smell.

I use solid cleaner

Its minimalist formula includes 1% zinc gluconate to reduce redness and tighten enlarged pores. Very gentle, it leaves the skin soothed and the complexion more even.

Ideal for: sensitive skin, even with atopic tendency (eczema, rosacea).

The +: its physiological pH respects the fragile balance of the skin surface.


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