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Just the essentials: my beautiful skin routine in 3 small steps

Sometimes we tend to do too much for our skin. And she knows how to show us when she reaches saturation. If you have recently suffered from increased skin sensitivity, a suffocated and congested complexion or even redness: it may be because you are in the midst of cosmetic overzeal. The solution: go back to the essentials by drastically reducing your routine to 3 fundamental steps. Because yes, in reality, our skin doesn't need much to stay beautiful and feel good. Trust her and support her without suffocating her by adopting “skinmalism”: a short ritual and simple products that do what we ask of them – and that’s already enough!

Step 1: Double Clean

This step helps rid the skin of its impurities to facilitate the penetration of the following treatments. It wouldn't occur to you to apply your day cream over a swimsuit, would you? It's a bit the same principle. Double cleansing only applies in the evening, if you are wearing makeup and/or if you are wearing sunscreen. In the morning, a simple cleansing is enough.

For makeup removal (1st step of double cleansing): opt for oily products, which remove makeup and sun filters on the “like-dissolves-like” principle. Merme's cleansing oil contains only 4 ingredients, including apricot kernel oil (known for naturally brightening the complexion). It is suitable for all skin types, even the oiliest. In case of sensitive skin, choose Umaï solid makeup remover (perfume-free, effective even on waterproof).

For cleaning (2nd step of double cleaning): again, keep it simple. The priority is to eliminate impurities, but without disturbing the natural ecosystem of your epidermis. You should therefore choose a cleanser that limits delipidation of the skin surface, such as The Cleanse foaming cleanser from Ilia. Formulated without sulfates, it is made from non-ionic surfactants, known to be the least stripping. It respects the pH of the skin surface for optimal comfort when rinsing.

Step 2: protect your skin from dehydration

That’s exactly what moisturizer is for! It moistens your stratum corneum (the most superficial layer of your epidermis) while strengthening your skin barrier in order to limit dehydration by evaporation. It does not hydrate strictly speaking, but it remains essential to help your skin defend itself against the multiple external aggressions of daily life.

When to apply your cream? Always in the morning, because it is the day that your skin deploys its protective shield. It is therefore from the moment you wake up that you need to give it a boost. The champion of all skin types is Q+A Daily Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is an all-purpose molecule that combines film-forming and humectant effects. Mixed here with polyglutamic acid, it envelops the skin in a protective and refreshing cocoon with a silky finish.

In case of mature, dry and wrinkled skin, you can replace the cream with an enriched oil. Example: the Radiance and Firmness oleo-serum from Epicosm , which concentrates all the essential actions of an anti-aging routine in a single product. Formulated by an engineer specializing in natural polymers, this oil in roll-on format integrates everything senescent skin needs (essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E, coenzyme Q10, silicon) with optimal skin tolerance.

Step 3: Apply sunscreen

UVA accelerates skin aging (we speak of photo-induced aging: it overlaps with physiological aging, attacking the support fibers of our skin and generating much deeper wrinkles than normal). UVB burns the skin (sunburn). These two radiations are harmful to the beauty of our skin (spots, dryness, etc.) and to our health.

Applying sunscreen should therefore be the last step in your morning routine, whatever your age. It's the best anti-aging gesture there is! One of our favorite facial sunscreens is Nuori's Mineral Defense Sunscreen SPF30. This best-seller has proven preventive effectiveness on the signs of accelerated aging. Its vegan, nanoparticle-free and fragrance-free formula is invisible on the skin. It is suitable for daily use under makeup.

If you prefer an enhancing formula, turn to the Mineral Drops Tinted Sunscreen from Odacité. Its FLEX-PERFECTINGTM innovation with “intelligent” pigments adapts to the color of the skin tone to provide a second-skin finish. Enriched with antioxidant active ingredients, it serves as sun protection, day care and light foundation. All with SPF50 and PA++++ index. It also exists in an untinted version for even more discreet protection for every day.

Too much sun is dangerous for your health. Don't stay in the sun for too long, even if you use sunscreen. Reapply every two hours or after each swim.

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