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5 ways to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life.

Every minute, a truckload of plastic spills into our oceans. 9 million tons of plastic end up in the waters of our planet every year. And it's not only ugly, it's also terrible for the wildlife that lives there.

Every minute, a truckload of plastic spills into our oceans. 9 million tons of plastic end up in the waters of our planet every year. And it's not only ugly, it's also terrible for wildlife. Whales, birds, dolphins or turtles all end up swallowing a piece of plastic, a straw, a packaging that has simply been thrown into the sea thousands of miles away. It is becoming urgent to change our habits to save the oceans. Happy Officine offers you to implement 5 simple actions to remedy this.

Remember to have fabric or paper bags with you

You have surely already bought some to store your shopping in, paper bags can be reused to the core (and they are then used to light the fire). The best solution to not forget them before leaving to do your shopping is to store them in plain view near the door or to have a stock of them in your bicycle basket or the trunk of your car. This will save you from taking a new one each time and returning from your shopping with a multitude of plastic bags. Another pretty and durable option, the tote bag! Small canvas bag, it is now often offered in your parcels, but can also be found in many stores. The tote bag is washable, infinitely reusable and in addition it allows you to shop in style.

Say NO to straws

When you were little, you were brought your glass of soft drink with a little palm tree and a straw and that was enough to make your day wonderful. Unfortunately, straw is today one of the worst enemies on the planet. Getting into the habit of not asking for them or refusing them contributes greatly to safeguarding our habitat. They alone represent 3% of marine litter. If you're a straw obsessive, choose alternatives made from reusable materials like bamboo. Unless you prefer the bling-bling version? There are even metal ones to drink your cocktail with class in all circumstances! In the meantime, don't forget to tell your server not to bring it to you when you order. Who knows, he might thank you!

Choose products that charge

Are you a fan of beauty and your product is coming to an end? What about its packaging? The best option is still to invest in a brand that offers durable and stylish packaging. Bon Sens works with the Kjaer Weis brand, a range of natural make-up that has developed cases worthy of the finest fashion houses, refillable in 1 click. Organic and cruelty-free, Kjaer Weis make-up is part of this new generation that is much trendier than conventional luxury brands. The green is chic, especially when it's durable.

Go to the market and favor local shops

What could be more charming than going to a pretty store to find your vegetables (without packaging), talking with an artisan, eating truly delicious and seasonal things? Supermarkets are out of fashion. The ton of packed packets (including the organic ones) annoys, the robotization of the installations no longer allows human contact (and therefore answers) and the fruits (arriving by plane) are always waterlogged and tasteless. Brighten up your city or town by supporting small convenience stores that go out of their way to select good products. And favor stores that promote packaging-free or use recyclable packaging.

Always try to find a better alternative

You bought plastic souvenirs, you took that bag because there was nothing else? Or are you addicted to your favorite Starbucks? Do not panic, you just have to find alternatives. For your coffee, invest in a pretty water bottle to fill it endlessly with your favorite drink. Very fashionable, these new bottles and gourds allow you to keep liquids hot (and cold) for a very long time, not to spill them while carrying them everywhere with you. A practical, fashionable and alternative object, who says it better?

Do you need a t-shirt? Rather than buying 10 of poor quality, prefer to buy 3 of very good manufacture and durability by choosing a composition of 100% cotton, linen or silk. They will last longer and keep a nice hold.

Do you want to bring back a holiday souvenir to your parents or friends? Rather than throwing yourself on a small piece of expensive plastic at the airport (and which will stain the decoration!), bring back local crafts or products made of sustainable materials such as wood, horn, bamboo. Consuming sustainably is not really more expensive, it's just a matter of making the right choices! À la carte, more pleasure and zero guilt.

You see, reducing the use of plastic in your daily life is not that complicated! Just get started and get into good habits. Even if it doesn't seem like much, it's already a big step forward for the planet if each of us makes a little effort. Come and tell us about your progress, and if you have other good ideas to share with us, don't hesitate!