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Ouch, ouch, it itches, how to protect your skin from the cold

That's it, it's winter. We are delighted with hot chocolates by the fire, ski descents on the other hand, we are much more skeptical about the effect of the cold on our skin. Do not panic, we will explain how to deal with this by pampering your skin.

I have always been more comfortable in the winter than in the summer with my aspirin skin. While my girlfriends wore a tanned complexion “just right” during the aperitifs on the terraces (yes, even those who hadn't gone on vacation), I for my part constantly displayed a desperately pale complexion.

Today, my skin and I have tamed each other and we appreciate each other, but I must admit that I'm more comfortable in winter with my porcelain complexion. The only problem ? She doesn't really like negative temperatures (I never said she wasn't capricious).

So, I asked advice from our magician of tailor-made products at Happy Officine, Mégan, who imagined steps for me to save my distressed skin. And I admit that, of course, it works.

First we clean with the right texture

When the skin itches and pulls and sometimes displays a “snakeskin” effect, it means that it is dry, even dehydrated. Where does this phenomenon come from, will you tell me?

Many factors! First of all from the cold since she struggles to regulate the temperature of the body. Then, clothes and heating are elements that increase its drying. And finally, pollution doesn't help Moreover, in winter we also tend to drink less and therefore become dehydrated.

Finally, the cosmetic products that you use in the summer are not necessarily those to be preferred during the months of November to February. If your skin is sensitized and tight, it should be pampered with soft textures such as milks or oils.

And beware of received ideas: waking up in hot water in winter is a BAD idea that will tend to dry out your dermis even more. So the first step is to use a non-aggressive cleaner. I opted for the Reveal Cleansing cleansing balm and a mask from Amly Botanicals.

Ideal if your skin is sensitive and suffers from discomfort during the winter, the creamy texture of this treatment can also be used as a soothing mask if your skin requires it. With its 28 botanical active ingredients, you can say thank you.

Then we moisturize, moisturize and moisturize 

We can never say it enough, good hydration is the key to healthy skin. To follow this adage essential to the beauty of your skin, opt for textures rich in lipids and/or ceramides. What's this lipid thing?

Small explanation: when the skin is dry, it means that it does not produce enough fatty substances. It therefore works in slow motion and produces at least the hydrolipidic film which protects it from external aggressions. The lipids will nourish the skin in order to restore the moisturizing film that is lacking at this time. Basically, the lipids will help it to repair itself gently.

For my part, I decided to put the package to save it. So, I opted for the night cream with a velvety texture signed Odacité which will work for me (that's cool) by moisturizing and firming the skin. As a bonus, its formula enriched with botanical active ingredients leaves a subtle and sweet fragrance that will accompany your sleep.

Finally, we oil up 

Don't forget the last step that will allow your skin to really rehydrate itself: oil.

But be careful, the goal is not to sprinkle a large amount on your face, the effect will not be good since you risk seeing pimples appear. A few drops are enough for it to work. The product that I like is the plumping oil from the Exertier brand.

It gives your face a radiant appearance in an instant and will erase redness and tightness. Its advantages? As it is a dry oil, it penetrates quickly (exits stains) and leaves a matte finish. The effect "I'm leaving the sauna and I haven't taken a shower"? Forget it!