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Amly. The sweetness of life

Purity, authenticity & poetry. Amly is a bit of all that. A brand born in the prairies of Sussex that draws its benefits from a source of pure, mineral-rich water, beneath the farm itself. Lisa Smalpeice and Kerry Moore are the passionate creatives behind the English brand. Their goal is to offer a new generation of bioactive care of plant origin and sustainable. Formulations that take care of people and the planet. We had the chance to chat with one of the co-founders, Kerry Moore.

Happy Officine: What does your brand name and logo mean?

Kerry Moore: Amly is the Old English name of the Haythbush farm where Amly is based. It is also the name of the meadow where the spring of fresh water springs which provides the crystal clear water contained in our treatments. Our logo and the letter A combined with the inverted triangle are the symbols of water.

HO: Kerry, can you tell us a bit more about your respective backgrounds?

KM: I am a holistic practitioner specializing in biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I trained in homeopathy and took many post-graduate courses, including counselling, trauma resolution and facial reflexology.

Lisa meanwhile has a background in fine art and, after moving with her family to a farm in Sussex, she spent years regenerating the land and flora that now flourishes there.

HO: You work do you complement each other?

KM: We work incredibly well together, both sharing a passion for holistic health and wellness. We have different, but incredibly complementary roles that make our exchanges fluid and easy… From our diverse skills was born a vision, that of Amly!

HO: Your brand combines the power of wilderness and ancient wisdoms with cutting-edge bioactive intelligence...can you tell us more about what that means?

KM: Lisa and I are deeply fascinated by ancient traditions passed down over centuries to heal and improve the health and well-being of individuals. My grandmother used herbs in many remedies for her children and grandchildren and I still have her old books and recipes. Lisa brings her living knowledge of the earth and we combine it all with the latest advancements in bioactives to ensure the best results. Amly is above all a true botanical alchemy.

HO: Amly was born six years ago. We can therefore say that your brand was avant-garde in the field of clean beauty. Was it difficult to change women's beauty routines when you launched your brand? What difficulties did you encounter at that time?

KM: It is true that we were part of the first movement towards a more green and clean beauty. It just felt natural to me, as I had guided my clients in my practice to choose products for their skin and their home that contained ingredients that were thought for the planet, but also produced responsibly. I think many people were already looking for these alternatives, but had not yet found products that guaranteed results while providing a unique sensory experience.

AMLY met these expectations and we very quickly noticed consumer enthusiasm.

“Natural perfumes are refined by our alchemist, who has a background in natural perfumery. The entire creative process, from idea to completion, can take years, but it's a unique journey from which we emerge stronger every time.”

HO: Every new product is developed on your organic farm in England. Can you give us more details on this?

KM: We are inspired by the plants that grow on and around the farm. Besides the water, some of the ingredients are sourced here and others are sourced from growers who adhere to our standards and practices.

Lisa and I work together with our alchemist to create the blends. Together, we are looking for the idea of ​​a useful and original treatment. Then we identify the plants we need to achieve this goal. Natural perfumes are refined by our alchemist, who has a background in natural perfumery. The whole process can take years, but it is a unique journey from which we emerge stronger each time.

HO: At the heart of your treatments are wildflowers. What is the first product you developed?

KM: After discovering this incredible water, I had the idea of ​​creating a range of “facial waters”. It took us more than two years to develop it, because there were many challenges to overcome and we only wanted to incorporate ingredients that we believed would not have a negative impact on health and body. 'environment. We launched Radiance Boost, our signature blend. Soon we were overwhelmed by the positive reactions and so we launched Digital Detox and then Beauty Sleep.

HO: What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

KM: To be honest, all plants are amazing, each with their own personality and positive effects.

If I had to choose one ingredient, I would say farm-made bio-fermented apple cider vinegar. The fermentation process adds many benefits to those that apple cider vinegar already offers, making it a multi-benefit ingredient. It naturally nourishes and refreshes the skin with amino acids and antioxidants, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and stimulating circulation. Alpha hydroxy acids help to gently dissolve dead skin cells.

HO: Which plant would you like to work on in the near future?

KM: I'm slightly obsessed with mushrooms right now. Our new Mycelium Boxes containing the new Ambience Diffuser Kits have started me on an incredible exploration of mushrooms… I'll tell you more as soon as possible, I promise!

HO: You offer different rituals. Are they suitable for all skin types?

KM: We have never categorized our treatments according to skin type. We believe in paying attention to how our skin behaves at this time, as it is constantly changing due to internal and external influences. What is needed today may be completely different next week. For this reason the mixtures contained in our treatments are all adaptable and interchangeable according to the needs of each one.

For example, you can use City Screen Serum as your daily hydration base, then when the weather gets colder your skin gets drier and you need an oil or balm. The Day Light treatment as well as the Sleep Tight in the evening may then be sufficient. Meadow Dew can be added to oil to lighten skin for those who prefer a lighter texture.

HO: It's spring, we want a luminous complexion, what treatment do you recommend?

KM: Try Deep Reveal as a face mask – leave on for 15-20 minutes to allow multiple bioactives to brighten, plump and repair skin. Alternatively, Radiance Boost helps keep skin plumped, hydrated and glowing.

The Happy!

HO: What time of day makes you happy?

KM: I love the morning, it's when I'm most productive at work and enjoying a nice walk in the countryside.

HO: What song makes you happy?

KM: Dancing in the Moonlight Toploader.

HO: What quote makes you happy?

KM: "When it rains, look for rainbows, when it's dark, look for stars" - Unknown

HO: What personality or what friend makes you happy?

KM: All my friends make me happy, there is a very genuine joy in friendship.

HO: Can you give us your three happiest places in the world? 

KM: My home in Henley-on-Thames, the Greek Islands and Paris.

HO: What activity makes you happy?

KM: I love walking my dog ​​and I enjoy spending time reading the stacks of books that I constantly collect.
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