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These “clean” and anti-aging active ingredients that have proven themselves

They have become a reference in anti-aging cosmetics! Even if we are sometimes unfaithful to them, it is always to them that we come back. And for good reason, these sure values ​​of better-aging no longer have anything to prove scientifically. If you thought (still?!) that “green” treatments were just little flowers and vegetable juices, here is a selection that will definitely change your mind.

Hyaluronic acid, for its plumping effect

It is a substance that is naturally present in your skin. It is a type of polysaccharide (complex sugar) that primarily acts as a humectant. It acts on the surface of the epidermis to plump the appearance of the skin and, in fact, erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You will find it for example in the Hyaluronic serum 200 from Evolve . Each bottle contains no less than 200 mg to provide intense hydration and a boost of freshness to mature or dehydrated skin. It is also enriched with pomegranate extract, known for its anti-radical effects.

Don't forget the area around your eyes, where crow's feet quickly make their nest... The Hyaluronic eye complex is aimed at those looking for an all-in-one solution to combat against the signs of aging AND fatigue. And its roll-on tip and serum texture are so refreshing!

If hyaluronic acid is mainly found in serum, it also exists in creams. The Q+A face cream is designed to sustainably “quench” all skin types. Its combo of hyaluronic + polyglutamic acid acts as an imperceptible anti-dehydration shield.

Retinoids, for their firming effect

Among them, you probably know retinol. This vitamin A derivative is a precursor of retinoic acid: it is in this active form that it fights against the signs of aging. It is best known for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the “pillars of support” of your skin.

Admired for its firming properties, retinol is sometimes criticized for its drying effect. Several brands, like Odacité, are innovating with softer shapes. In its renovating serum , it offers it in a remarkable encapsulated version which limits the risk of skin discomfort.

Recently, you can also find HPR retinoids in certain types of treatments. This new generation of vitamin A has the advantage of offering interesting bioavailability while remaining gentle on the skin. This is the star active ingredient in the Aqua A renovating serum from the Leahlani brand !

And if you want to start gently, trust sea samphire extract. It naturally contains a small portion of vitamin A, which makes it considered a “retinol-like” active ingredient. It is notably present in the cocooning night balm from On the Wild Side.

Bakuchiol, for its 2-in-1 effect

It’s the “green” little brother of retinol! Research has shown that it has similar anti-wrinkle effects, while being better tolerated. Its big bonus: it is also very effective on skin imperfections. All without being photosensitizing, it can therefore be applied in the morning.

If you are looking for a formula with a high dose of bakuchiol, opt for the 3% bakuchiol serum from the Merme brand . Its minimalist composition exploits the effects of bakuchiol on an extra-light aloe vera base to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refine skin texture and even out skin tone.

Bakuchiol is also present in the formula of Oryza Lab's revitalizing serum. It is combined with rice phytosterols, pistachio resin and a marine exopolysaccharide to provide overall performance on skin density, elasticity and firmness.

You can also benefit from all its benefits by introducing The One cream from Nuori into your anti-aging routine. It alone brings together 8 of the most renowned active ingredients for their “beautiful skin” effects: bakuchiol, of course, but also niacinamide, peptides and vitamin C.

Vitamin C, for its anti-spot effect

Perhaps you are one of those who uses vitamin C treatments throughout the summer... But in reality, it has its place all year round in your better-aging routine! In addition to fighting brown spots (typical of aging, etc.), it is able to support the production of collagen.

If you haven't already done so, try Antipodes' Gospel cleanser . His particuliarity ? Kakadu plum, which is up to 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange! Nothing better to awaken the natural radiance of your skin and protect it on a daily basis from the harmful effects of pollution.

As for serums, The Organic Pharmacy's stabilized vitamin C serum has a concentration of 15%. Its synergy based on grapefruit and witch hazel gradually fades the pigmentation of age spots, boosts the skin's radiance and increases collagen synthesis.

Want a fun experience to improve the radiance of your complexion? It's time to (re)discover Holi (C) by Agent Nateur . This serum comes in the form of a stable powder. All you have to do is mix it with a little water or Holi(water) to “activate” the vitamin C it contains.

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