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These little bees, beauty queens

I don't know how it is for you, but I always confuse bees and wasps. And yet, it's not like it's that complicated either.

I don't know how it is for you, but I always confuse bees and wasps. And yet, it's not like it's that complicated either.

Although both are black and yellow, the bee is a bit bushy on its upper body and its colors are faded, while the wasp has an intense coat.

The bee is a shadow worker who brings pollen back into a hive run much like a monarchy with a queen, a few males and lots of workers.

The wasp builds a nest with fragments of bark or wood. And it's often the wasps that get in the way during our summer barbecues, the bees, they forage the flowers relentlessly! What better way to love bees… but wait a bit, you will love them like me! Because yes, what makes us like these little insects, among other things, is that they produce gold, or honey!

Last winter I had (excluding Covid, I assure you) caught a bad flu. Of those that give us the impression of looking like walking dead zombies. Me, at the end of the roll of Scotch tape, I alternated lozenges, fumigations and other treatments whose benefits were long overdue… A friend super savvy in alternative medicine gave me the essential thing for my recovery: Manuka honey. Super powerful natural antibacterial, it reinforces the natural defenses and is antiviral, anti-inflammatory and super powerful to fight against indelible cracks.

There are different doses, I mainly use the Activist version in the 850 + version.

If you are more in fall prevention mode, but not sick, opt for the +100 instead .

And if you're starting to feel woozy, pick the +300

Slip a teaspoon into your cup of tea and repeat the operation several times a day, you will see, the healing will be fast and effective!

Another honey, another story, that of lavender which has anti-stress properties! It helps to fight against migraines, but also periods of overwork. In general, I don't know how it is for you, but for me, everything comes together: I'm starting to get stressed… and the first signs of the flu are showing up!

So, I opt for the calming infusion signed l'Infuseur . It is composed of honey, orange blossom and verbena… a soft and enveloping mixture that allows me to drive away my anxieties and sleep like a baby!

Otherwise, our friends the bees are also our beauty accomplices since the honey they produce also has virtues on the skin! Anti-ageing, moisturizing, antioxidant, honey facilitates cell regeneration and protects against UV rays, it retains hydration and leaves the skin feeling fresh and supple! I really like Leahlani's Superfood mask : made with raw honey, Hawaiian spirulina, chlorella and essential oils, it gives me an instant glow!

And speaking of facials, I'm addicted to the one signed Ma Thérapie made with argan, honey and orange cream . Anti-aging, its enveloping texture is unctuous and its smell is both sweet and bewitching, in short, I would like not to recommend it, just to jealously keep it for myself, but I'm nice, I share!

I'm sure of one thing: you won't look at our friends the bees the same way anymore!