Clean Beauty 

Clean or not clean?

The clean trend in cosmetics is a bit like the arrival of organic cotton in fashion: everyone is doing it to clear their conscience and to sell more, but not everyone does it well. Don't worry, your beauty sleuth will slip you some tips to spot right from wrong.

How many times have you seen a shower gel with bamboo, lavender or orange blossom extracts in the beauty department?

Take out your magnifying glass and read the label: most of the time, the formula is conventional and includes polymers, silicones and solvents (methyl, propyl, etc.).

It's called greenwashing, or making an anything but clean product look like the snow queen. In the same vein, we completely forget skincare that highlights a plant ingredient on top of the label and we trust our instincts: if this brand floods the market with new products every three months, that's a bad sign and not the guarantee of a slow and eco-friendly cosmetics label.

And if we talk about clean beauty, it's because clean means clean, and therefore, the label of the ingredients contained in your day cream must be made up of names that you know.

Moreover, the first 5 names on the list are crucial: if in 1 it is written vanilla and in 2 it is written ethoxylated, flee!

Could it blow up in my face? No, but it won't do you any good.

Some examples:

Ethoxylated compounds are made from a toxic gas, ethylene oxide. Its impact on your skin is simple, it will clog your pores.

Silicones are harmful to the planet and window dressing when it comes to their effects on the skin. Otherwise, perfumed fragrances are in the vast majority of cases allergenic and synthetic.

So, do you still want to spread this super 200-ball cream on your skin?

Do you think you are prepared for all unpleasant surprises? Beware again of the notes on your packaging! Because if, if, as if it were not complicated enough, we must also pay attention to the names: “green”, “organic”, “certified”, present on these.

These are not quality evidence. On the contrary, in order to ride the trend, several brands claim to be lasting beauty, but are not at all.

And noting this info on the packaging does not mean much. Indeed, a certified organic label means that the product comes from an agriculture that respects the environment and the production is ensured without the presence of toxic substances, silicones, preservatives or allergenic substances.

A labeled product from a recognized organic organization is composed of 95 to 100% natural and organic ingredients as well as a maximum of 5% of ingredients approved in a so-called positive list and tested by the label.

It is for example a preservative that is not harmful to the skin. There are, for example, Nature & Progrès, EcoCert, Cosmos Natural, BDIH… all of the recognized organizations have strict standards to guarantee the quality of treatment.

The products we love

At Happy Officine, all of our selection is made according to the criteria mentioned above and even if a product is trendy, if our shock team composed of Mégane and Johan detects something fishy in the origin of the product for example, we will not market the brand.

Here is a top of our favorites that respect the planet and our skin!

My Lubie

It's what? A brand of natural lubricants

Designed with more than 99% natural products including water (the formula is super moisturizing), calendula or even vitamin E, made in France and vegan, the brand, totally transparent about the composition of its products, has imagined My Lubie in order to democratize intimate well-being products and to bring transparency and comfort to these moments of exchange.

In addition, its sugar cane packaging is 100% eco-responsible.

Cut by Fred

It's what? A range of hair care!

He is adored by all of Paris thanks to his dexterity. Hairdresser Fred knows how to combine relaxation and structure.

He launched his brand because he was fed up with products that lacked transparency in their composition and did not want to offer these treatments to his customers.

This is how he imagined Cut By Fred, a vegan range whose compositions are irreproachable.

As for the products, they meet the requirements of modern women with accessible, practical and effective treatments such as the refillable detox solid shampoo. We love the universe of totally eco-responsible packaging and its graphic design that gives you something to do.

The Chickens

It's what? An easy-to-use express care range

Certified organic and Ecocert, all the masks of the brand made in France are certified organic and composed of 99% ingredients from organic farming, vegan and not tested on animals.

The Poulettes brand offers masks that are easy and simple to use, 1% of the total profit of which is donated to the Tara Foundation for the protection of the oceans.

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