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Favorite: The must-have exfoliator signed On The Wild Side

Rather than constantly choosing between enzymatic or mechanical exfoliation, why not opt ​​for both? The On The Wild Side Exfoliating Mask is the perfect hybrid whose formula respects all skin types, even the most sensitive, erases all small irregularities for guaranteed baby skin!

We know that exfoliated skin is healthy skin, but this simple gesture in theory is not for everyone.

Depending on the type of skin and its current state, our epidermis is more or less sensitive to various types of exfoliants which can, if used excessively, create damage that is difficult to reverse.

Thus sensitive skin reacts much better to acidic or enzymatic exfoliants, while very dry skin can hardly do without a little physical exfoliation here and there.

Whatever you do, it is always advisable to be very careful not to risk damaging your precious skin barrier or even spreading the bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne.

We then adopt an exfoliation ritual no more than twice a week according to our needs, which we always proceed in the evening so as not to risk photosensitizing our skin before exposure to the sun, especially if we opt for exfoliants. chemicals.

But then, how to choose a product that will be able to accompany us whatever the mood of our skin? The sublime avant-garde French brand On The Wild Side , which is the first to include medicinal plants from wild harvesting that is particularly respectful of nature and its resources, offers a solution full of common sense using its Exfoliating Mask.

This ultra-smart 100% natural, vegan and organic treatment – ​​like the rest of the range – brilliantly combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation.

Enriched with very fine rice powder, it provides a very satisfying traditional exfoliation that remains gentle enough not to aggravate sensitized skin.

A complex of fruit acids derived from blueberry, orange peel and lemon reinforces the physical action of this mask to allow it to dissolve dead cells that sometimes clog our pores and create imperfections, while providing an immediate boost to the complexion.

This product, well thought out and imagined with an attention to detail that does honor to the rest of the range created by Anne-Sophie Nardy, has everything good, except that it is, like all good things worthy of the name, largely addictive. ;)

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