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What if instead of stripping we exfoliate?

The face cream, the make-up remover, the tonic? Pfff child's play to use! But the face exfoliator adapted to our skin, that's another matter! Don't worry, we're here to help!

When I was little, one of the moments that I fondly remember was when I was picking up my mom's magazines to admire the advertisements. I had fun dissecting the looks of the models to see how the outfits matched.

But above all I remember the freeze-frames I made each time I stumbled, fascinated, on ads for beauty products: princesses with perfect skin were blowing on glossy paper a magic cream, a magnetizing eye shadow or yet another exfoliant that left velvety skin for months after it was applied.

When I finally had the age to play with all these products, I had gone to buy with all my pocket money the prettiest care that it was possible for me to offer myself. Enough to proudly line up a few in the family bathroom to be able to say “That’s it! It's my turn!" I'm not going to tell you about the individual test of each product here because obviously, I don't remember. What I do remember, however, is the disappointment I had when I used the exfoliator.

So we agree, I had read magazines full of advice, I had also imbibed the recommendations of the saleswoman and yet, after application, I managed to look like a little pig who had taken a sunbath (already the pig is very pink, you can imagine after sunbathing, huh?).

The horror. For several days my skin remained super sensitive and reddish (as I am as white as a sheet, I let you virtually visualize the result!) Since that day, the exfoliant has always been the problem product for me. I sporadically tried the experiment again and each time I looked like a different animal: from the red-orange fish to the flamboyant parrot, passing by the spotted ladybug. Finally, I gave up.

Very bad idea, you will tell me and I agree.

One day, over coffee, a friend who managed the beauty section of a fashion magazine wanted to remedy my ignorance of this essential product by explaining its use to me. Because yes, getting rid of dead cells is essential all year round (and not only during the summer) to obtain soft skin and a clean grain.

"The false good idea is to want to exfoliate more than twice a week"

First of all, the bad idea is to want to exfoliate more than twice a week.

The result? Sensitized and irritated skin that will become very reactive to everything. For oily skin repeat the action twice, for delicate skin do it once a week. And stop misconceptions: yes, if you have dry skin you should ALSO use an exfoliant.

"Stop with received ideas: if you have dry skin, you should ALSO use an exfoliant!"

Then she also kindly explained to me that exfoliating does not mean stripping.

Yes, you are not polishing your Volvo for the summer, but rather taking care of your skin. The gesture must not be strong (the results will not be better if you rub brutally!), it must be delicate, light and circular.

Otherwise, know that a scrub should not hurt you! If this is the case (as was my case), you have opted for a version that is not made for you.

Finally, if there are treatments adapted to different areas of the body there is a reason and it is not marketing! For example, the skin of the neckline is fragile and finer than the skin of the elbows, knees and feet so do not use your leg exfoliator for your face The latter will thank you.

In my Happy Officine suitcase!

As you have understood, exfoliating your skin is a long-term job that will allow you to beautify it. Here is our tailor-made selection for your needs:

For the 2 in 1 effect:

The "On the Wild Side" exfoliating mask that is left on for 10 minutes before gently removing it

To forget traditional exfoliators:

We use Ancient Earth from Naturallogic whose texture is reminiscent of dessert cream!

For sensitive skin:

Ideal for capricious skin, the Susanne Kaufmann brand has imagined this gentle treatment which, as a bonus, gives us pep with its delicate menthol scent:

For the coquettes:

The rose, the delicate color, the packaging that protects against bacteria and what's more, a treatment that gently exfoliates, you can't help but love the exfoliant signed Odacité!

For a boost:

The cream signed Absolution will not only act on the peach skin effect but also on the illuminating and firming side of the face, enough to give you a healthy glow in winter!