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What if we were immunized?

In January, it's always the same thing. Directly after New Year's Eve I go back, a bit like the bears, in a kind of bubble (with the pandemic, it turns out to be even fairer!): I avoid the cold as much as possible and I adopt a few tricks, just to get through the winter without handkerchiefs and big die.

Because there is no better time to be raplapla! We've passed the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we're tired, we're cold, night falls very quickly ... There's nothing like it to easily fall into a rhythm: stop playing sports and watch all the series available on Netflix. To avoid this and be full of energy from dawn to dusk, I adopted a few gestures that allow me to be on top.

"Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits help absorb the iron needed by the body."

Select specific foods

To strengthen your immune system, take care of your diet by adopting energizing products! First gesture of the morning: we start the day with an orange and lemon juice. Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits help absorb the iron needed by the body.

Then, fill your thermos with a good daily dose of green tea such as mint green tea (which will take you to Morocco right away) from the Infuseur

known for its draining and diuretic virtues, it also cleanses toxins, helps the kidneys work properly and boosts energy throughout the day. We favor foods rich in magnesium which stimulate white blood cells. The choice here is quite vast with almonds, cocoa, tofu or even dark chocolate. That's good, Happy Officine now offers the Cosmic Dealer brand and its two variants of 100% cocoa artisanal chocolates , just to have fun for a good cause.

In soup, in the oven or in a wok, we fill up with vegetables which make it possible to produce antibodies. In addition, we bet on a star, the mushroom which has antiviral properties. In order to have your daily dose, we adopt the reishi capsules signed Sun Potion .

We keep moving

Did you know that playing sports can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 40%? Practicing physical activity for one hour three times a week stimulates the immune system by improving blood circulation. Personally, I've never been so sick since I went running in the middle of winter! Are you already cold? But no! If you are sufficiently dressed, when the body is warmed up (ie after about ten minutes), the feeling of cold will disappear. Are you chilly? Bet on sports programs in zoom mode, there is a plethora for all desires. And as a bonus, after the effort, treat yourself to a moment of well-being with a body massage oil signed Suzanne Kaufmann. My favorites, the one with blueberry extract and muscle oil .

Finally we sleep, we sleep and we sleep again!

A good night's sleep (count 6 to 9 hours) is a key element in regulating the body. Sleep strengthens the immune system, the skin regenerates and biochemical processes are set up.

To get in the mood, we prepare a good little soothing herbal tea with honey, verbena and orange blossom from the Infuseur , in which we slip a teaspoon of Manuka honey.

Used for centuries in traditional Maori medicine, it contains a dose ten times higher than traditional honeys of methylglyoxal, the molecule responsible for the antimicrobial activity of honeys. In short, he is the superman of immunity ! That's good, Happy Officine sells it.