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How about a massage?

Mouuaa? Nervous ? Not at all ! !! I'm just annoyed to ask the administration for the same form three times, to have the postman break my parcels to put them in my box rather than delicately deposit them there in short, yes, I think I have I really need a little acupressure !

Of what ? To relieve the pressure ? That's what my boyfriend would tell me when I said "honey, give me a moment, I'm going to do some acupressure " . He wouldn't have it all wrong since acupressure is a manual therapy from traditional Chinese medicine. His goal ? Stimulate specific areas and points of the human body. For nearly 5,000 years, this technique has been used to relieve nervous tension, pain, bring balance to the body or to lose weight. How does it work ? This manual therapy is based on the five elements, yin and yang, meridians and acupressure points.

Basically, by stimulating certain meridians in the right way, you improve your physical, emotional and mental state.

What are the effective gestures ?

There are many tutorials on the internet and obviously no science is right for everyone, but here are some tips for everyday life. Acupressure sessions can last two to three minutes and it is advisable to exercise them several times a day. And above all, above all : remember to isolate yourself from stress and nuances when you treat yourself to this parenthesis !

In the hands : We pinch the skin located between the index finger and the thumb to chase away temporary anxieties and stress for two to three minutes

Below the knee : You have digestive problems or nausea. Position the fingers between the bone and the muscle and exert light pressure.

On the forearm : Press gently, but continuously at the level of the beginning of the forearm, just below the thumb, in order to reduce headaches or coughs.

On the wrist : Inside the wrist, by massaging at the level of the veins, you can reduce headaches, nausea and also dizziness.

What do we use ?

With a tool, it's always better ! To do this, we recommend your future best friend created by the Odacité brand.

Also bet on oils to apply locally before starting your session. Here are my favorite products :

Relaxing oil signed Suzanne Kaufmann

The slimming oil signed Ma Thérapie

The oil that will take care of dry skin Perfecting Body Oil by Nuori

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