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Replenish hydration from head to toe

Need a little hydration boost? You are in the right place. Our skin and hair sometimes tend to lack softness and suppleness. They may need a boost to regain a healthy, youthful appearance. First reflex: drink enough water during the day. Second reflex: bet on a cosmetic routine enriched with humectant and emollient active ingredients. We present to you the essentials of the moment to prevent dryness. Our advice: act as soon as the very first signs of dehydration appear. 💧 

I moisturize the skin of my face

#1 I favor serums and creams enriched with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is considered one of the best cosmetic active ingredients for moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis. This is no coincidence: it is naturally present in our skin, but its production decreases with age. So, we replenish our reserves at the slightest pretext!

The Organic Pharmacy Hyaluronic Acid Serum combines multiple molecular weights for an optimal hydration sensation. Concentrated with 0.2% hyaluronic acid, it plumps the appearance of the skin with a light texture. Its benefits on the appearance of wrinkles are clinically proven.

After the serum step, make way for the moisturizer. Every morning, apply a dab of Crème The Glow to revitalize the appearance of your skin. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it contains CBD (cannabidiol): it helps prevent the signs of skin aging.

#2 I adopt a face oil to seal in hydration

Once the skin is hydrated, the objective is to regulate its small "leaks" of natural water. This is where the oils come in. They are made up of fatty substances that help to seal the fragile areas of the skin barrier. Protected skin means hydrated skin for longer!

Your ally in the morning: The Morning Glow oil from This Place . Its soft texture blends lightly into the skin to maintain comfort throughout the day. It is boosted with CBD, geranium essential oil and seaweed extract for even softer and soothed skin.

Your evening ally: The Evening Glow oil from This Place . The night is the ideal time to support the regeneration of the skin and its skin barrier. This CBD and bakuchiol oil is precisely designed to nourish the skin (even the most delicate!) and support its natural functions.

This Place

The Glow

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body lotion

I moisturize the skin of my body

#1 Treat myself to a routine booster bath

Are baths good for dehydrated skin? No not necessarily ! The whole thing is to favor lukewarm water (hot water can precipitate the phenomena of dryness). For more benefits, we recommend that you accompany your spa moment with targeted cosmetic products.

Start by diluting a little St. John's Wort Bath Powder in water . This exceptional cocooning treatment envelops dry skin in comfort and nutrition. Its cocoa butter + milk proteins + St. John's wort mixture forms a real moisturizing barrier on the surface of the skin.

Before getting out of your bath, free your skin of excess dead cells with Absolution Radiance Body Scrub . It will leave your skin nourished, luminous and will optimize the absorption of your following moisturizers. Its scent of neroli, cardamom and bitter orange will make you fall in love...

#2 I apply a moisturizing lotion or a nourishing balm

The best time to hydrate the skin of your body? After bathing or showering, when the skin is still slightly damp. Lotion, cream, balm: go crescendo according to the level of dryness and dehydration of your skin. And the most important thing: don't skip this step!

Do you have normal skin that just needs a daily hydration boost? Susanne Kaufmann's Body Lotion is for you. It has a fluid and breathable texture that penetrates the skin with a silky feel. Its combo of squalene and poppy seed oil prevents dehydration.

Do you have dry and uncomfortable skin? Bet on the cult Body Butter . This extra-rich treatment with a generous texture supports the repair of rough and damaged skin. You can also apply it only on your elbows and knees to give them a "baby skin" appearance.

I moisturize my hair

#1 I switch my washing routine to “hydration +++” mode

The hydration of the hair starts from the phase of the shampoo. This involves choosing gentle formulas, without potentially aggressive surfactants, enriched with moisturizing active ingredients. Rahua is precisely at the origin of a range for dehydrated hair that has conquered the hearts of the press.

Step n°1: wash your hair with the Moisturizing shampoo . Its gourmet formula with Amazonian oils and mango sugars quenches porous or damaged hair. We love its exotic smell of passion fruit, the key to a real moment of pleasure in the shower.

Step n°2: take care of your lengths with the Moisturizing Conditioner . Concentrated in rare and precious plant active ingredients, it infuses dry hair with softness and suppleness. After rinsing, find more disciplined hair, fluid like silk and easy to detangle.

#2 I use the right finishing care

As for the skin, the hydration of the hair is maintained day by day, especially when the climatic conditions are harsh. Depending on your preferences and your hair type, you can opt for a nourishing oil to apply during styling or a lighter moisturizing spray.

Do you have curly hair? Cut by Fred's Wake up curl Day 2 is a spray designed to restore tone to your curls. Enriched with vegetable glycerin and provitamin B5, it moisturizes the hair fiber and refreshes the hair daily with a sweet smell of orange blossom.

For a more intense protective action, choose the Vegan Serum from the same brand. It's an oil with an evanescent feel (almost silicone, but without the synthetic silicones!) that helps seal in moisture at the heart of the fibre, as well as tame and smooth all hair types.


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