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Erase to shine

That's it! The buds are growing nicely, the landscapes are displaying a palette of joyful colors and the first rays of the sun are settling on our skin… Spring is fast approaching! Me, morally I'm ready for it, but not too much in terms of care, and you?

Every year, it's the same ritual : I'm delighted with the arrival of the snow so that I can enjoy the mountains to the fullest… but I'm also looking forward to one thing : the arrival of spring.

And the excitement this year takes on even greater dimensions. With this pandemic, I don't know how you are doing , but I just want to be able to at least lay down on a little blanket and enjoy the sun.

On the other hand, I admit that in winter, I experienced it in marmot mode : bath, hot tea and well-being cures. I skipped the game a little bit scrub. Finally, it's not as if I had been able to shine during super hype private parties or romantic meals in chic restaurants.

And yet, I wasn't super-clever on that one : erasing your skin means eliminating dead cells and the pollution that settles on its surface. Exfoliating means making room for new cells and helping your dermis to renew itself. Exfoliating is also preparing for the arrival of the sun and making your tan last longer (while protecting yourself with sunscreen, huh ;)).

Finally, exfoliating means having very soft skin ready to properly nourish itself with moisturizing products as well as nourishing active ingredients linked to these treatments. Ok, ok I have no negative argument, suddenly I have no choice but to get started ! Are you following me ?

Before erasing ...

  • Exfoliate once or twice a week ... no more ! 
  • Apply it to damp skin preferably in the shower.
  • Think that erasing is not grating  , we make gentle gestures and circular movements on the body and face.

The products we love

For the body

Grums Aarhus Raw Coffee Body Scrub Body Scrub

Composed of nourishing oils and organic coffee grounds, it gently exfoliates and does not leave unpleasant grains after the passage to the shower.

Lovefresh Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

A wonderful sugar scrub ! Its formula is moisturizing and soft. As a bonus, it activates blood circulation and therefore eliminates toxins while firming the body.

The little finish we love ...

Jasmine Whisper Body Oil - Odacité

What could be better after finding skin soft as velvet, than to spoil it by applying this care oil composed of jasmine, hemp oil and jojoba ? Enough to wrap it a little more softly !

For the face

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Peel Scrub

A little happiness thanks to its formula made of soothing medicinal herbs from the Alps and jojoba pearls added with a sweet lemony scent. This face exfoliant is very gentle and particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Leahlani Leahlani Kalima Cleansing Powder

For those terrified by the word exfoliation, Leahlani's Kalima cleansing powder option is an excellent alternative ! This treatment draws its benefits from tropical ingredients since it is notably composed of coconut, vanilla, bananas or even camu camu. It deeply cleanses the skin and will even act as a gentle anti-stain exfoliating mask.