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Hello Sunshine!

What if to save a few years, you decide to give yourself a boost in a natural way?

Going on social networks is good, just to avoid moving from living completely outside our realities, but let's be concrete, Instagram is a bit depressing!

Why will you tell me? Because I scroll through the feed at the worst times of the day: during lunch, after lunch and in the evening, in front of a movie (yes, a girl can really do several things at the same time).

Obviously, I have a penchant for clean cosmetics and stars who look radiant. So, Insta chose to show me only that, from morning to night.

Imagine my dismay: 07:15, eyes barely open vaguely trying to move from the bowl of cereal to my mouth, with a mine still very wrinkled, I discover the it girl of the moment, radiant complexion caught in flag , at 6 a.m. jogging or even the star of series Y, beaming with his cup of coffee at 8:00 a.m.

I don't know about you, but me, it makes me feel blue. Then, I come across the before/after of these famous stars where I say to myself: Ah! I was sure Dr Botox had been there. And there, badaboum, relapse of cockroach, because me, the Botox doctor, I do not want to go to see it.

So what to do when the 20 candles on his birthday cake have been blown out for a while? Well, we take expert advice from benevolent beauties like Mégan from Happy Officine (thanks to the magician!) who explains to us that natural care and gestures can bring luminosity to the complexion and therefore… erase a few years (or centuries for me!).

Here are the tips of the day, just to make you beautiful… gently!

Exfoliate with fruits

The golden rule for a successful beauty routine is exfoliation. This gesture to adopt once or twice a week will allow you to reduce imperfections, hyperpigmentation, but also dull skin and the first signs of aging.

Apply the exfoliator manually with gentle circular gestures for a few minutes on the entire face to erase dead cells and cleanse deeply.

To achieve a deep but gentle exfoliation that has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, we turn to fruit enzymes.

Another advantage: plant enzymes act on the keratin of the skin to improve the penetration of care and make it less sensitive.

My favourites:

The enzyme peel by Susanne Kaufmann

Based on fruit acids and hydrating plant essences, this peeling has it all with its formula made of apple, kiwi and papaya. Designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it is also composed of aloe vera known to accelerate the healing process of the skin. A care to use with confidence that soothes and leaves the skin soft and luminous.

On the Wild Side Exfoliating Mask

I'm a big fan of this 2-in-1 exfoliating mask from On the Wild Side. I apply a little of this product enriched with fruit acids and rice powder all over my skin for ten minutes before massaging it in a circular motion and rinsing it off.

I use it alternately with that of Susanne Kaufmann and I like the idea of ​​this two-in-one treatment. After use, I find that it leaves the skin looking luminous, plumped and clear!

Get vitaminized to renew yourself

Vitamin C:

When we think of a boost for the skin, we think of vitamin C and… we're right!

It is recognized for its benefits in this area thanks to its strong antioxidant power.

Even if this is not its only asset (it is particularly recognized for its benefits on brain function and immune defences) it is consumed without moderation via products such as Guava, red peppers or Papaya.

In terms of skin care, it contributes in particular to regenerating it, illuminating it, acting on its premature aging.

Vitamin A:

As we know, vitamin A is present in our body in the form of retinol, retinal (in the retina), retinoic acid (in the bones and mucous membranes) or retinyl palmitate (in the liver).

Vitamin A plays a very important role for our body, in vision, in bone growth, but also on the immune system and the skin, will you tell me?

Yes, it contributes to its well-being through cell renewal. Note also that vitamin A is a precursor of melanin responsible for skin pigmentation.

As a result, it also helps to protect skin cells from aggression and to prepare the skin for the sun. In terms of food, it is found in large quantities in carrot juice or sweet potato and for carnivores, in chicken offal in particular.

My favorite products:

The Sorceress Redensifying Serum 

Vitamin C, silicon, collagen, a little Siberian ginseng and a pinch of magic are the secret of the wonderful Sercièrissime de Delbôve serum. An ideal treatment to revive tired complexions and firm up!

Haute C - Radiance Serum – Lilfox

It is quickly seen, I am completely a fan! This antioxidant serum is a radiance booster! I use it every morning and I admit that it gives me a healthy glow in the blink of an eye.

It evens out the complexion, reduces spots and stimulates collagen production thanks to tetrahexyldecyl (huh?) yes, tetrahexyldecyl is the most stable derivative of vitamin C and acts as a shield and stimulates collagen production.

A vitamin A extract is also integrated into this magic formula which is as effective as it smells good (sweet notes of rosemary and citrus!).

What a good way to start the day.