Clean Beauty 

It must shine!

From the time I was 16 to 22, the holidays were for me the “Youplaboum” moment during which everything was possible: sequins, feathers, flashy colors and so on, it was the ideal time to let loose!

So I readily admit it, I could often be confused with a Christmas decoration… But basically, makeup has always been, in my opinion, a way of expressing one's personality. Rock, gothic or exuberant period, it served as my armor to feel stronger and assertive.

Today, this feeling is intact, but I learned to master the message that I wanted to convey through my brushstrokes. During the holidays, I always let myself go, but in moderation.

Here are the steps that allow me to sparkle without excess!

Step 1, I prepare my skin!

The key to successful makeup is the complexion! Whether it's for the holidays or everyday for that matter. Have you ever seen a pretty girl with great eyelashes, but bags under her eyes and a flattened complexion? Admit it, that's just what you learned from her! Alas, that's how it is. I start for my part with the Vital Foaming Cleanser from Nuori .

This foam erases impurities and calms my skin thanks to its soothing formula based on oats, betaine and vegetable glycerin. Then, I slip in a few pschitts of Damask rose water from my Therapy , just to boost my radiance...

and I finish with my favorite Aloe Vera cream signed Mukti Organics

…there, my skin is ready to be made up.

I start with the super light tinted serum signed Ilia Beauty which is suitable for everyone, even those who tend to have oily skin:

A hint of concealer on suitcases and spots signed Ilia Beauty. I especially love its super lightweight tint that doesn't give me a panda eye look after application!

I continue with the Lip2Cheek Blush & Lip Balm signed RMS Beauty . I love it because it lays on both lips and cheeks and I can slip it into my purse in a split second.

I light up my face

I really like the Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette from Aether Beauty . First of all, it offers endless possibilities depending on your desires and outfit. My trick is to put a touch of water on my brush before attacking the application. The color will come out more intense and the shade will be fixed in the long term.

The one-shade smocky trend is quite strong and easy to adopt, my little trick is to add a hint of l RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad Palette Skin Illuminator. Choose the shade according to your makeup. We do not hesitate to add a few touches on the top of the cheeks to structure everything.

And what would make-up be without a velvet look? To do this, I use Absolution's Christophe Danchaud sweet black mascara .

I am ready…and you?