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The anguish of good resolutions

Let's call a spade a spade: With each passing of a new year, I am stuffed with new principles for taking care of my body and my mind: playing sports four times a week, taking a breath of fresh air every day , take up yoga, eat healthier and so on… Let's be honest, out of ten, I managed the poor feat of achieving a goal and that's when everything is going well.

Arrived at the Easter season (that is to say that four months after the beginning of the year… hu hum… tenacious, the girl) I felt terribly guilty: “why didn't I last more than three weeks? » I wondered while wolfing down a chocolate-filled egg (resolution number 2: stop eating junk food, we believe in it).

It was by looking at my list that I understood the root of the problem: despite the fact that these resolutions were intended to do me good, they set the bar very high and required untenable discipline!

Once the problem was assimilated, I decided to set myself realistic goals that would allow me to lighten my soul: not only did I succeed in keeping these resolutions, but in addition I did it for myself (oh yes, I don't know how do you do, but I tend to forget to do stuff for me!)

For a year my technique has been working! You will see, it is the small gestures that do us the most good. In terms of beauty, it's the same thing: we modify our routines with small gestures! Here are the beauty resolutions that appear on mine:

Beauty Resolution 1: I buy less, but I buy better

Here I am talking to the millions of women who, faced with wonderful advertisements that extol the virtues of new products, rush on them... Those who, like me, at some point, found themselves having too many products, ultra-expensive, whose most of them were neither very useful nor really effective.

It's time to think about buying less, but better! To do this, we obviously read product labels and support brands that take care of the planet as much as our skin by drawing their powers from nature.

In addition, these treatments are often much more accessible than those of the major cosmetics brands (yes, there is no muse to pay, no maximum advertising campaigns, no overpriced packaging, etc.).

I admit that I was amazed by the eye contour treatment from Merme Berlin , super economical (I've been using it twice a day for two months and the bottle is still full!) and super effective.

My super organic solid lotion signed Savon Stories – “Lotion Melt” is with raw cocoa and shea. It heals, repairs and hydrates my skin. Its texture envelops perfectly in winter, and its solid formula lasts a thousand years. As a bonus, we like the ethics of the brand which is handmade in France in the Vaucluse from raw ingredients.

Beauty Resolution 2: I stop neglecting the make-up removal step

Let the one who has never gone to bed without removing her makeup raise her hand! The make-up removal step is just as important as the care step. Why do you think Asians have such perfect porcelain complexions? For them, it's a real ritual. Because yes, skipping this step means letting imperfections, grayish complexion, but also clogged pores set in. To avoid letting all this take hold, take ten minutes to remove your make-up properly.

I suggest Josh Rosebrook's Herbal Infusion Multi-Purpose Oil . This organic oil removes impurities, toxins and excess sebum in a single gesture.

To be completed with a mist that will tighten pores in a few pssschit! To do this, I couldn't put down the Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist by Mukti Organics .

And finally, in the morning, after applying the day cream, I recommend using the global serum signed Exertier – its melting texture will unify the complexion.

Beauty Resolution 3: I adopt a night cream

I'll stop you straight away: the night cream is not a great product invented by the cosmetics industry to consume more. Once the make-up removal stage is over and the time to sleep has come, your skin will regenerate and be nourished. Far from the external aggressions of the day and clean (since you will have removed her make-up), it will be time for her to absorb, to hydrate, to rebalance. Using a cream will not only nourish it from within, but also wake you up with a fresh and healthy complexion.

The Regeneration Cream Line A-Night Cream by Susanne Kaufmann is a booster of botanical active ingredients that contributes to cell regeneration, it will give a plumped and refreshed appearance to the complexion!

For young skin, I recommend Oleosomes Time Release cream by Odacité . Its long-lasting effectiveness and its light texture allow continuous hydration thanks to its concentrated formula! In addition, don't forget that the brand only relies on sourced ingredients in order to be transparent with the end consumer.

Beauty Resolution 4: I stop obsessing over my pimples!

Ah yes, it's not very glamorous, but it's the truth. Every time it itches and a pimple attack happens, we all have the same reflex: to kill unwanted people! Armed with our hands or even tweezers… What a very bad idea! Already a NO: not everyone is going to watch them, because you can camouflage them. Then obsessing over them will make them more visible for longer, and eventually you can in the worst case infect them and in the best case leave a nice scar on your skin. 2021 will therefore be a year in which you will respect your skin by giving it a – gentle – boost to get rid of pimples.

That's good, there are a thousand and one solutions. First of all, the face serum signed Odacité based on grapefruit and grapes which regulates shine and boosts the disappearance of spots:

Otherwise you can offer your skin a real cure based on tulsi and micronized silver from the Absolution brand which restores the dermis in 15 days!

Beauty Resolution 5: I hydrate, I hydrate and… I hydrate!

It's undeniable: beautiful skin comes from the way you take care of it, whether through skincare or through your diet. We can never tell you enough, hydrating is the base! Besides, I noticed it well: when I don't drink enough, my skin automatically becomes greyish and my features are tired. My only problem: I don't like water. And drinking liters of it is even less my thing. So, my trick is to go on liters of tea, and there, no problem for me!

I really like the L'infuseur brand, which offers different blends with flavors as sweet as their fragrances. In winter, I go for the Tonic made of mint, orange peel or even ginger:

And for those who love water with magical powers, I suggest getting Hygée food supplements made from medicinal plants and slipping them into your water bottle in the morning! I particularly like the Immunity version which, in addition to having a little taste of cinnamon, will strengthen my defenses while de-stressing me, a little powdered happiness!