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The art of knowing how to bathe

In general, we associate the bathroom and its sacred bathtub with moments of intimacy, for me, the bathtub and much more than that.

I haven't moved much in my life, but each time, the ritual was the same, even before discovering the super balcony or the incredible kitchen (according to the real estate agent of course): I rushed towards the bathroom.

The reason? Impossible to move into an apartment without a bathtub.

Crazy am I? No way! The bath ritual is obviously a wonderful moment of relaxation, but it is much more than that. in my eyes. It is also a social moment.

There, I see your skeptical gaze like: poor thing, the covid has reached her neurons (or the boiling water in the bath, the choice is yours)

And no, come to think of it. It is a precious moment during which you do what you want because this sacred place allows you to grant yourself a moment when all external attractions are only superficiality, and therefore, during which you can choose what you want to do there. !

Some will take this break to finally read the rest of the novel that they never manage to finish. Others to share complicit laughter with a friend on the phone. Still others will treat themselves to a naughty moment for two or a spa at home moment.

Finally some will play small boats with their toddlers. Parentheses of happiness that we tend to forget to grant ourselves and which nevertheless are real natural therapies for our well-being.

To make these moments complicit or relaxing, depending on your desires, the ritual that surrounds it must be perfect. Like a tryst that you don't want to miss. Here are my favorite little products to achieve this!

My small Pursoma brand dry brush is part of my beauty routine when I choose the thalasso bath option. With its natural fiber, it gently exfoliates without attacking my skin.

And who says accessories for the skin, says regenerating care. nothing better than the essential Hammam Black Soap by Savon Stories to obtain soft and silky skin 

Hop! I put the Mermaid Leahlani mask with honey and marine supernutrients on my face, just to restore tone to my skin ... and I open page 2 of my book (2 out of 456, I haven't finished ... Ahaha.)

There are “foam” days, and there are “oil” days. When I want to orient myself in the first direction, I bet on the Valériane Delbôve organic bath foam which relaxes me just enough to stop thinking about anything.

And for the days when I want it to “oily,” I slip in a few drops (way too many since I'm addicted to it) of Susanne Kaufmann's Winter Bath Oil . Its comforting texture and its sweet holiday scent envelops me in a cloud of sweetness, to be savored without moderation.

With my toddler, in addition to the foam (it's much funnier!) I use the organic purity shampoo signed Enfance Paris . Enriched with organic lavender essential oil, it gently cares for your scalp.