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Sleeping beauty… One day my ideal care will come…

No, it's not a myth: our skin is more beautiful when we wake up! And it's not thanks to good old Morpheus who comes to sprinkle us with magic powder during the night. No, it is indeed your ritual that will make you wake up with peach skin.

How does our skin change over 24 hours?

During the day with pollution, the sun, temperature variations, the dermis undergoes multiple attacks.

But nature is well done because once night has fallen and the comforting moment of sleep has arrived, the natural mechanisms of cellular regeneration are set in motion – in other words, your skin continues to work hard during your sleep.

According to some research, it is between midnight and 3 a.m. that the peak of dermal absorption is at its peak. It is therefore essential to respect a few key steps in order to help it renew itself…beautifully!

What texture for my cream?

During the day, we adopt a treatment that will protect us from the sun and external aggressions while at night, we will bet on richer textures.

Why is that? Because the loss of water contained in the dermis occurs more intensively in the evening.

It is therefore essential to offer him a care that will act on cell regeneration and that will fight against the risk of dehydration.

The beauty night routine to adopt:

  • Come on, let's clean up!

  • How do you think Asians keep their skin smooth and luminous?

    By adopting make-up removal that eliminates all make-up and pollution accumulated during the day! Proper make-up removal preserves youthfulness and strengthens the dermis.
    I love Ma Thérapie's organic jojoba oil cleanser . It is multi-purpose since its formula acts as a make-up remover oil (gently!) and a nourishing serum.

    This treatment is composed of a high content of gadoleic acid – close to the composition of human sebum. It allows the blow to regulate the skin in order to avoid excess sebum and to hydrate it intensely.

  • A little massage maybe?

  • Once your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, morning and evening (and three times a week, ladies!), use the jade roll-on signed Absolution , to smooth the elimination of toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage and above all decongest the tissues ( no more super bags under the eyes).

    In addition, the act which is carried out gently will be a real moment of relaxation for you, a little gift that you will give yourself just before going to bed!

  • Hop, we wrap his skin!

  • Composed of witch hazel and chamomile, Susanne Kaufmann's Regeneration cream line F soothes the skin, prevents acne and breakouts, deeply moisturizes and strengthens the skin's natural defense mechanisms.

    Suitable for all skin types, it will leave you feeling silky smooth and plumped up when you wake up!

  • SOS anti panda eyes

  • If, like me, you find the two-tone appearance of pandas appealing without wanting to adopt the same look as them, I advise you to test the treatment that smoothes puffiness, illuminates dark circles and refreshes the look signed Exertier.

    Le Miracle du Miel Eye Care by Exertier was created for all those who spend hours in front of the screen and lack sleep. Its formula is composed of honey, hyaluronic acid or even royal jelly.

  • And if I offered him a spa by night?

  • To replace the cream two to three times a week with a slightly more intensive treatment, cover your pillow with a cloth (so as not to have to change the sheets every day) and put a mask or balm on your face at night to multiply the desired effect.

    I love Sleep Tight Face Balm by Amly Botanicals . Highly concentrated in vegetable oils (kukui, borage or evening primrose) and combined with propolis (antioxidant and anti-microbial agent ideal for softening the skin and protecting it from stress), this balm will plump up the skin, take it away from the tensions of the day. , will smooth fine lines and intensely nourish it.