Mother's Day: Our best gift ideas to please her

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we have brought together our most beautiful beauty discoveries of the moment to celebrate all the super-moms in our lives! In the program ? A holistic selection of little attentions in the skincare, make-up and wellness categories to satisfy all desires and remind them how extraordinary they are, while inviting them to treat themselves to a moment of well-being just for them from time to time. others. To your baskets!

The relaxing treasures

For mums who never stop and who really need to treat themselves to a little break just for them, we opt for one of the comforting treatments with delirious textures of tenderness and softness like the Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm & Mask Amly or the Amazon After Dark Lilfox balm which are used to remove make-up and whose deeply soothing fragrances are addictive, especially after a long day.

To prolong this ritual as long as possible, add a very gentle mask that nourishes the epidermis and soothes the senses, such as the Absolution Comforting Rich Mask , which is applied in a thick layer and left on as desired, by immersing yourself in your favorite book of the moment or by preparing a delicious gourmet hot chocolate like the Mushroom Cacao Mix Reishi Four Sigmatic.

Moms who are struggling to get a good, restful night will undeniably appreciate the magic of Deep Sleep CBD Elixir ID Swiss Botanicals , which sends us straight into the arms of Morpheus!

Sigmatic Oven

Mushroom Cocoa Mix Reishi


Smoothing Body Brush

The energizing treasures

For overworked super moms who never have enough hours in the day to complete their endless to-do lists, we opt for revitalizing nuggets that will give them all their support.

Care lovers will fall for the marvel that is the Holi(bright) Agent Nateur mask , which kills ten birds with one stone thanks to its formula overloaded with rehydrating, nourishing, tensing and slightly exfoliating active ingredients that smooth the lines and to perfect the complexion in just a few minutes.

Moms who like to wear makeup but don't have time to procrastinate in front of the mirror in the morning will love the very clever Smoky Absolution pencils which apply like a classic pencil, or like a cream eye shadow if enough material is applied, and that it is blurred with the finger or the brush. The perfect ally for achieving a perfect smoky-eye in record time!

Coffee lovers will feel tenderly supported by the functional alternative to traditional coffee offered by So Mush Organic, with the Energy Boost potion which is an organic instant coffee enriched with extracts of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic plants to act effectively on small drops energy and on cases of chronic fatigue without excessively compromising the nervous and immune systems.

Finally, early riser mums who don't take a minute for themselves in the morning should happily adopt a dry brush ritual, which in just a few minutes energizes body and mind while taking great care of the skin thanks to the slightly exfoliating effect of the sublime Nuori Smoothing Body Brush .

Glamorous treasures

For unconditional lovers of beauty and its wonders, we opt for little touches that awaken the senses and inject a dose of color and magic into their daily lives. In the category of beautiful objects, the prize goes to the Revitalizing Hair Brush Nuori available in two very soft neutral and powdery colors but also in a timeless deep blue color.

This professional quality ash wood brush combines nylon bristles and natural fibers to revitalize the hair and make the hair fiber shine.

For pretty colored nails throughout the year without having to go through the salon box and whose varnishes do not compromise in their formulation respectful of our health and the environment, it is at Manucurist that it happens with the brilliant Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Kit available in the three most classic shades.

Finally, skincare pros will be delighted by the sublime Holi(Trinity) Agent Nateur Box which brings together the brand's three bestsellers, a moisturizing care essence that firms the features and brings comfort to the skin, a vitamin C base to be mixed with the treatment of your choice and a nourishing oil with amazing regenerating and unifying properties.


24W Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Kit