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The happy gesture: what foods to choose to have beautiful hair?

Omega 3, zinc, iron, proteins our food beauty list to stimulate hair regrowth and keep it healthy !

"We are what we eat», My naturopath regularly repeats to me. Every time I tell him that for the past ten days I've eaten sandwiches, he rolls his eyes at me. And reminds me that a sparkling mane and the porcelain complexion that goes with it, it's in the plate that it all begins.

If, like me, you often lack the time to whip up delicious meals, the secret is to target the most effective ingredients. And these, we know them: at the top of the list, we find our good old omega 3. Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel or trout are covered in them as long as I can, I go for the smoked salmon sandwich and the sushi!

Then come the proteins. Champions all categories: eggs , perfect fried or as a homemade hair mask. Still in the protein department, white meats such as veal and chicken but only on the plate, of course! If you prefer to bet on the benefits of plants, lentils are a great alternative to animal proteins, as is soy, which is also rich in iron. Another source of this mineral, chocolate! To consume despite everything in moderation, recommended to me by my naturopath. He imagined me very well crunching a plate a day on the pretext that my mane is worth it.

Still in the vegetable department, all fruits and vegetables are good for the skin and hair, but green vegetables, broccoli, spinach, kale and arugula in mind, have no equal in boosting keratin production.

Last element to target, zinc. It is found in oilseeds and oysters! That's good, I love it on the other hand, the small glass of white wine that goes with it will, alas, have no miraculous effect on our hair, my naturopath swore to me (I tried ... ).

Finally, some ingredients are as good inside as out like the eggs I mentioned above. This is the case with avocado, banana and Greek yogurt. Consume regularly. And if we have a little leftover, we spread it on our hair, which will thank us by shining with a thousand lights.

Obviously, if you don't really have time to spend in the kitchen or if you want to put the odds on your side to play Rapunzel in a few months food supplements are a great alternative. The Chinese of course have some magic ingredients in their incredible pharmacopoeia: reishi Sun Potion , for example, a mushroom with antioxidant and energizing properties.

Good too, Sun Potion chlorella , a freshwater microalgae. It is full of nutrients and has a detox effect.

Finally, a formidable cocktail to give a boost to hair growth and fight against hair loss at the change of season, We want an Atelier Nubio growth booster .

And in case of flattened hair, a small cure of We want a mermaid's hair , an organic food supplement based on nettle and field horsetail will strengthen and tone the hair fiber.

With all that, if you don't have star hair, you're doing it on purpose. !