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Stone massage, the new happy beauty gesture

We know that semi-precious stones have therapeutic virtues ... and not only since they give radiance and elasticity to the skin. ! You do not believe in it ? Psssttt read my article a bit, we talk about it later !

It's already been a good year and a half that I have been scrutinizing certain beauties on social networks who have fun passing each other morning and evening a roller on their face with a blissful smile that means " yes, yes, it works, look at me ! » Even if I was a bit skeptical, I admit it, my addiction for cosmetics really made me want to try it out for myself and then, it must be admitted, these beauty experts tickled my curiosity. By scrutinizing the photos (yes, really, I conducted the investigation !) I discovered the results obtained. So I started with the Google box to find out a little more about this new trend and I found relevant and serious information that I could ONLY share with you. !

Indeed, since the dawn of time, traditional Chinese medicine has readily used stones to restore vitality to tired skin. By light massages, they firm the tissues, stimulate the lymphatic microcirculation and accelerate the evacuation of toxins while promoting the deflation of pockets (super useful the day after yesterday !;))

“The empresses of China already used stone massages in their beauty rituals. It was enough to make me want to try! »

I continued to warm up my keyboard and I learned that it was also the beauty gesture of the empresses of China, which reinforced my idea that my duty was to adopt this new ritual or rather this new Swiss army knife of beauty in my bathroom.

This beauty tool comes in two forms: the "gua-sha», a kind of sleek pocket-sized sculpture that slips easily into a handbag and whose wide side is used to massage the face, and the roller. Ideally, the latter has two ends, one of which is small, ideal for the eye area.

In terms of materials, each has its virtues. Jade and rose quartz are soothing. The first, which has always been the secret weapon of the Chinese for beautiful skin, would also help improve blood circulation. As for the second, it would have no equal in eliminating toxins, just like black jade , which is also an ally for the most sensitive skin.

Blue sodalite for its part restores harmony in existence.

Personally, I opted for the green aventurine version. This stone is supposed to open new opportunities on a personal and professional level as I want to meet new people, I put all the chances on my side! I admit that I was a little afraid of getting bored and only using it once. Error, error, it has really become an integral part of my beauty routine thanks to the super fresh effect of the stone on the skin. In the morning she wakes me up, in the evening she soothes me !

It's good but how to adopt it ?

Then remained to adopt the right gestures to use it yes, because that is the key : misused, it will not be useful at all ! My friend Jen, whose mother is Chinese, has always used these tools.

His secret: use a gua sha or a roller to apply a serum while massaging your face. The active ingredients thus penetrate more deeply. "We start from the inside of the face outwards. And we work from the bottom up from the base of the neck to the top of the forehead because there are already enough forces pulling our features downwards, starting with gravity.she explained to me.

Indeed, it is a matter of common sense ...

Last recommendation, proceed with gentle, firm pressure. Pressing too hard runs the risk of damaging or irritating the tissue. In this way, a slight sovereign lymphatic drainage is carried out against the puffiness.

Jen recommends five to ten minutes of this exercise a day. Unbreakable in my busy schedule, you think! I reduced the ritual to ten movements per area (neck, lower face, center, eye contour and forehead) and I can assure you that it is already visibly effective.

As a result, I also offered myself a “gua-sha» that I slip into my bag and which accompanies me everywhere.

When I leave a stormy meeting, a few minutes of massage is enough to erase any annoyance.

It's hard to say if it's the effect of the stone, the drainage and after all, it doesn't matter, it's the result that counts, no ?