Clean Beauty 

The essentials of essential oils!

We fondly remember the few drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil that our mothers placed on a cloth handkerchief when we had a cold. Essential oils are often underestimated and yet they are often the best allies for your healing and your beauty!

Since I was old enough to walk around with a handbag, my little “healthy survivor” kit has been neatly stored next to my cosmetics kit in my handbag.

“I have been passionate about essential oils for many years. They managed to cure me of pain that no traditional medicine could overcome.

Inside, I carry my small vials, ranging from traditional essential oils to mixtures that I have made myself to deal with the little sores of everyday life. I have been passionate about essential oils for many years.

They succeeded in curing me of pain that no traditional medicine could overcome. For this reason, I followed different training courses, just to be able to play chemist at home.

But beware, essential oils are very powerful and bad mixtures (even more so in cosmetics) that start with a good intention can quickly turn into disaster.

This is why my blends are always double checked by a licensed aromatherapist. For cosmetic products based on essential oils, I prefer to trust the specialized brands which I will tell you about a little further down.

They know how to perfectly target needs and are real experts in this field! Why am I mad about essential oils? My answer in several points!

Their use is not new!

Indeed, they have crossed civilizations and have always been used in medicine and beauty with proven effectiveness. For example, the aborigines of Australia already used the technique of fumigation and knew the therapeutic virtues of the tea tree !

In India, the sacred books devoted to Ayurvedic medicine demonstrated its use in particular in perfumes as well as in baths. As for the Egyptians, they were the kings of essential oils, which they used both in medicine and in cosmetics.

They made balms, massage oils or perfumes based on essential oils. The power of aromatherapy will however be made "official" with the release of the book of the same name in 1931, written by René-Maurice Gattefossé.

After an explosion in his laboratory, the latter then slipped his hands into a bucket of true lavender essential oil Legend has it that the relief was immediate and that he wanted to highlight all the benefits of aromatherapy.

They have a formidable efficiency.

They are extracted directly from the plants using a steam system. To put it simply, essential oils come from the distillation of plants. They are effective because they concentrate all the active principles of plants. Moreover, the name essential oils is not the fairest since the oils do not contain fatty substances such as olive or sesame oil.

"They have crossed civilizations and have always been used in medicine and beauty with proven effectiveness."

We should rather call them plant essences! And stop the refractory, the benefits of each essential "oil" can be scientifically proven since each essence is composed of biochemical molecules - sometimes several hundred - which are analyzed to scientifically determine the characteristics of each - it's not me who says it it's science!) A few weeks ago, we talked about clean beauty (link here).

If the plants are cultivated and treated according to the rules of the art and the essential oil is pure, it is totally in line with clean beauty. Indeed, steam distillation is respectful of the environment, the sourcing of the product is completely transparent and what could be healthier than a plant extract?

Which oils are most used at the beauty level? Our top 10!

Helichrysum oil aids in healing! It will reduce dark circles, reduce rosacea and calm irritated skin.

Tea tree oil it will act above all on the little sores of everyday life such as herpes, wounds (such as cuts) or pimple outbreaks.

Lavender oil your skin's best friend, it can be used to fight acne, wrinkles, burns and wounds.

Lemon oil the queen of vitamin C, this famous powerful antioxidant, in addition, it has anti-aging effects.

Rose oil nothing can resist it! Eczema, dryness, aging, it helps the skin to heal and regenerate.

Sage oil for firmness and softness of the skin, it is also effective in erasing the appearance of expression lines.

Rosemary verbenone and rosemary 1.8 cineol oil here, we are going with an essential oil made for your hair since it helps improve the health of your mane!

Bourbon geranium oil mixed with almond oil, it will be your ally against cellulite!

Neroli oil its smell is sweet, its effectiveness formidable since it is anti-aging, regenerating and healing

Cypress oil it is the friend of oily skin and fights against eczema and skin aging

My favorites

Because washing your hands is at the heart of concerns and because most products dry out the skin, bet on the orange, bergamot and rosemary washing gel signed "Ma Thérapie "

Because a shampoo is good, but an organic shampoo to slip into your bag for the weekend and boosted with essential oils is better, we love the vegan detox stick signed "Cut by Fred"

Because in winter it gets dark early, it's cold, we are a little depressed and who says depression says fatigue and stress. We are therefore very happy to count on the benefits of the Boom Boom Power tonic serum from the Medene brand and its boost!

Because something we hate even more than a dull complexion is pimples! That's good, Odacité has imagined a serum that cleanses and purifies to say bye-bye to undesirables!