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Makeup essentials for a beautiful complexion

There's nothing like looking awake, well rested and ready to face the day like a fresh and luminous complexion. Unified skin full of radiance is the most universal basis for beautiful makeup. We have gathered for you our favorite nuggets of the moment to sublimate all skin tones in the blink of an eye!

The basics that change everything

Depending on our skin concerns, a make-up base can really change the situation.

Oily skin on which nothing lasts has been heard by RMS since the "Re" Evolve Radiance Locking Primer has been formulated especially for instances of combination skin.

This intelligent base allows makeup to adhere better without mattifying the complexion too much and depriving it of radiance.

Skins that are rather dry, dull and lack luminosity (or tired little faces) will love the sublime True Skin Radiant Priming Serum Ilia foundation base.

Its very fine texture similar to that of a serum, as its name suggests, is invisible under makeup and yet its effect is stunning! And then of course, to maximize the effect of your bases and especially to sublimate your skin as naturally as possible, we make sure above all to choose the right moisturizer.

Our two most suitable hydrating primers for a variety of skin types that sufficiently nourish and hydrate the epidermis without overloading it and risking makeup slipping are Swiss Botanicals ID Swiss Botanicals Crème Eclat Hydratante and On The Wild Side Day Fluid.

RMS Beauty

“Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer

Ilia Beauty

Serum Skin Tint SPF 30

An unified but natural complexion

Who hasn't had the nightmarish experience of happily applying new foundation only to end up with a plastered face, every little irregularity in texture highlighted and an obvious demarcation at the bottom of the jawline?

A high-coverage foundation can, if it is well applied and its shade is suitably chosen, be a sublime base for occasional make-up, or to have fun if you particularly like to wear make-up.

But for every day, the most natural is often the best and we love half-skincare, half-tinted cream hybrid textures that perfect the skin without hiding it.

Acne-prone combination skin as well as chronically dehydrated skin (which easily shows small fine lines of dehydration) are a perfect match for the magical Epicosm Tinted BB Gel, a non-greasy tinted gel with a stunning innovative texture that blurs small blemishes and provides a comfortable velvet finish that lasts all day.

Its universal tint adapts to a variety of skin tones, even if very dark to dark skin will rather find what they are looking for in our other complexion champion: the Super Serum Skin Tint Ilia.

This ultra-light tinted fluid available in a wide variety of shades brings an insane glow to normal, dry and mature skin. That said, its non-comedogenic formula is also suitable for acne-prone skin, but you shouldn't be afraid of shine.

Finally, for those who struggle with small redness that is sometimes difficult to conceal using a tinted cream, the Crème du Teint Absolution is the solution! This all-natural, certified organic tinted cream brilliantly unifies the complexion while remaining natural. It is suitable for normal, combination to dry skin and its slightly matte finish is particularly suitable for skin with small imperfections.

A touch of color

From a luminous and unified base, everything is possible! To perfect the complexion and warm it up, we adopt a bronzing powder such as NightLite Bronzing Powder Ilia which we place strategically on the parts of our face that naturally take the sun: the top of the forehead, above the eyebrow arches , the temples, the top of the nose and the cheekbones.

Using a brush, we draw a three, starting from the top of the forehead to the cheekbone and then to the bottom of the jaw (and we do not forget to spread a little bronzer on his neck and his low-cut).

For a harmonious and super flattering make-up, we also slide a little bronzing powder in the crease of her eyelids to define the look. On the blush side, apply a tinted cream in moderation for maximum light and ease of use, such as the sublime RMS Lip2Cheek balms.

With your fingertips, tap a small amount in the center of the cheeks and lightly stretch the material up the cheekbones to enhance the features. Glow fans will finish with a touch of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and on the Cupid's bow for a resolutely perfect complexion. The Luminizer RMS are our favorites that we can't live without!

Ilia Beauty

NightLite Bronzing Powder
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