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The true/false of collagen

Jennifer Aniston adds it to her morning fruit juice, and testimonials are multiplying on the star planet to praise its benefits... Collagen seems to work miracles on the skin. Yes, but here it is: many are the substances that promise mountains and wonders… and which often disappoint us. We wanted to see a little more clearly by deciphering this phenomenon.

Collagen is a substance developed in the laboratory: FALSE

Fortunately for us who advocate the natural, collagen is not an invention with obscure ingredients straight out of a lab. We are here on a natural protein present in our body. Present in cartilage, it is also found in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Note that collagen comes in different forms depending on the organ. But (well yes, there is always a, but...) its production by the body decreases from the age of 25. The fibroblasts that produce it become lazy from that age.

The result is dryness as well as the appearance of the first wrinkles, sebum or spots. In short, this is the beginning of the mess.

Collagen is an anti-aging ally: TRUE

It is the true friend who fights against skin aging! Moreover, in addition to ensuring the regeneration of skin tissue, it is known to ensure its elasticity. It also helps to reduce joint pain and allows better healing.

To maximize its benefits, you must eat accordingly: TRUE

We can never say it enough: the skin reflects our daily habits: sleeping late, smoking, eating industrial foods on the go obviously do not help to maintain a body and skin in Olympic shape.

Fortunately, several foods can contribute to slowing down the aging process (elasticity of the skin, but also joint pain).

Foods rich in sulfur, vitamin A, C, E and zinc boost the production of collagen. We are thinking here of red fruits, vegetables, meat, salmon, fish, dairy products, avocado, garlic, eggs, sprouted seeds or oilseeds (such as hazelnuts, almonds or soy).

For it to have an effect, you have to drink the collagen: TRUE & FALSE

Collagen can be used in several forms, however, care must be taken in its formulation.

For example, for a long time, some institutes used collagen made from ovine cells, either extracted from sheep (!). Now some countries have banned this use (and we say thank you).

The laboratories suddenly turned to vegetable or marine collagen, much closer to that present in the skin. So collagen in day care yes, but healthy collagen, tolerated by the skin and stable.

However, it is suggested to use a gel or serum formula without working it in order not to break the molecule. To see the results, however, you will have to be patient and wait for the end of the 21-day cell renewal cycle.

If you opt for a formula to drink such as capsules or gels, its formula will pass the intestinal barrier without any problem (as long as the formula is clean, like at Happy Officine!). It will naturally go under the skin and within the cartilages, tendons and others.

There is not a single collagen product at Happy Officine: FALSE AND ARCHI FALSE!

You think that if we tell you about it, we can offer you some nuggets…

Deep Wrinkles Serum – Ro + Y – Deep Wrinkles Booster from Odacité boosted with rosehip collagen and ylang-ylang which regenerates the skin.

Beauty Sleep Night Mist Amly Botanicals for its formula with anti-aging bioactives such as snow algae known to act against the destruction of collagen.

Susanne Kaufmann's Facelift Mask Line A is the right idea for an instant boost thanks to its formula composed of collagen, antioxidants, AHAs and vitamins.

The Day + food supplement and its formula with five beauty active ingredients including collagen, spirulina, zinc and hyaluronic acid. The benefits of this treatment are felt on the skin, hair and nails. And its take-anywhere stick formula is ultra-practical!

Combeau's Peau L'essentiel capsules are a bit like the Swiss army knife of food supplements with their formula composed, among other things, of collagen, sea buckthorn, hyaluronic acid and acerola. Its formula acts on skin aging, irritation, but also stress and digestion.