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Matcha love

How about starting your morning with a cup of matcha tea? This ancestral drink boosts as much as it does good for the body. Flashback to an elixir of beauty.

What is it exactly?

For anyone who was afraid to ask, matcha is a type of green tea from the camellia sinensis tea plant .

Its subtle, slightly bitter and somewhat sweet taste is obtained thanks to two elements: the first happens before the harvest since the tea plant is protected from light and the second takes place during the harvest, because only the extracts of the young leaves are kept. Some tea.

A reason which also explains its more expensive price than that of other teas! Finally, the young tea leaves are then ground between two stone grinders to give a fine powder finish.

His history

The consumption of powdered tea is not new, as the Chinese Song dynasty (960-1279) drank it regularly.

But matcha really owes its origins to Japan where it was tasted from the 12th century in Buddhist monasteries. It is also matcha that inspired the famous tea ceremony which is part of a set of practices called Sadô or Chadô.

These were developed by Sen No Rikyū, a 16th century Japanese master , and are based on four fundamental practices known as the virtues of tea: harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

Matcha is the only tea used for this traditional ceremony. This highly codified ritual is centered on the art of preparing, serving and tasting matcha green tea in bowls.

Before being able to discover live how the ritual takes place, here is a little preview if you are intrigued! This video was produced by the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris

Why we love it:

You can imagine that if we talk about it, it's because it's a real superfood! In addition to theine and caffeine, it contains among other things (are you ready?) amino acids, tannins, essential oils (and yes!), proteins, vitamin A, iron, carbohydrates from enzymes or chlorophyll.

As you can imagine, its many virtues are a boost for your health! We often talk about it as a detox drink that brings energy and vitality.

Obviously, to maximize its benefits, we opt for organic matcha. As it contains more than 130 times more antioxidants than traditional green tea, we avoid drinking it at will. The recommendation is two to three cups a day!

If you're not a big matcha drinker, there are plenty of other ways to drink it!

Personally, how I prepare it:

When I start cooking, I add a teaspoon of honey to the hot water as well as, depending on my wishes, a hint of cinnamon or vanilla… To be savored with zen to start the day off right.

I also really like the Matcha Latte signed by the American Pamela Salzman! On the other hand, go straight to minute 3:09 to discover the recipe:

Another cool recipe here:

….and I can't resist the urge to share this beautiful and tasty mousse with you…

The product I adopted:

Sun Potio's White Dragon Matcha n of course! I slip 1/2 teaspoon into my cup filled with lukewarm water, I add the ingredients mentioned above, I whisk and presto, I'm ready to attack my day!

To apply:

Green Ceremony Detoxifying Cleanser with matcha and spirulina to give the skin a clean look and a boost.