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Objective: firmness in 100% green mode

It's swimsuit season again! The problem is that in recent months, I have relaxed a bit in terms of exercise ... With the Covid, the atmosphere was more skype aperitif than gym on zoom ! Suddenly, a little cosmetic boost was welcome to make me pretty legs. But no question of spreading them with chemicals!

The good news is that nature has no shortage of resources when it comes to firming up our skin. Products that are even more effective when they are applied by adopting the right gestures. Chloe, my esthetician, swears by bottom-up movements. According to her, there's nothing better to counter the effects of gravity, which tends to pull everything down She flatly recommended that I apply all my products this way, including those for the face. Result : the features are refreshed and the skin more toned. You should try it, it's amazing.

But back to the body: no way for me to apply cream quickly when I get out of the shower, moreover if that was enough for my skin to be firm in three seconds believe me, it would be known ! Fighting against sagging is a real little ritual, to be adopted in its entirety or only in its first stage if you are short of time.

We begin the application with a series of frictions. This allows the product to penetrate and it activates the blood circulation .Help, Chloe, my skin is reddened! "It's a good sign! The heat produced by the massage will melt fat“, she answers me by WhatsApp. I breathe and move on to the next step, palpate-roll we grab the skin between thumb, index and middle finger and roll it in the chosen direction. The gesture requires a little practice, but I adopt it fairly quickly. Last step, the hammering you lightly tap the treated areas using the fleshy side of your fists. Phew! As a bonus, it gives me a mini fitness session for the arms, it's always a win!

On the product side, we fell in love with Suzanne Kaufmann's firming oil , based on pomegranate oil. Rich in antioxidants, it stimulates the process of densification of the skin.

Top also, Ma Thérapie grapefruit cypress lemon mint oil , which smells like vacation and gives me ultra-light legs.

Finally, the Mukti Elixir moisturizing body oil is also a must in my summer kit.: not only is it at the forefront of the fight against orange peel skin, but it also fights against stretch marks.

Well, all I have to do now is find a bathing suit  ! (So ​​there, I'm not done ... )