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Oh my Mask!

If your diary is already bombarded with a tsunami of post-its urgent » like mine and the idea of ​​spending an hour in an institute gives you even more stress, the mask will be your new best friend !

Every return to school, it's the same: I swear to myself that I will keep my good habits, stop running around, keep time for myself ... A resolution whose lifespan rarely exceeds three days - four if really I had a very long vacation !;) And this year, I'm breaking all the records : I switched to "hamster running in its wheelsince August. So, in order not to start the fall on the kneecaps, I program myself three times a week my favorite ritual, the mask, every other day. I reassure you right away, it is much more pleasant than the one you have to wear as soon as you show up in public places. ! It spreads generously on the face and neck and gives us dream skin in about fifteen minutes. A quick quarter of an hour, during which we will be content to do nothing and stay away from male and animal gazes (just to see them to show only the Beauty Effect !)

Whenever my skin gives me trouble, the mask plays a role of firefighter!

As you have understood, this ritual is shared exclusively between women. Besides, I got it from my grandmother she made her own masks, mixing lots of ingredients: clay, honey, fruit pulp, yogurt... The mixture was left to sit for several minutes. It ended up dripping or cracking. Today, I favor products that do not leave marks on the bathroom floor.or on my clothes. But I continued to make myself masks two or three times a week and I had the proof that this gesture greatly helped my skin to remain radiant. Because every time she gives me trouble, the mask plays the role of a firefighter : dull and tired skin, pimples, excess sebum, blackheads, lack of hydration for all the problems, I chose the right mask which intelligently treated my skin gently, the effect is magical.

My little pleasures ...

Exertier's Miracle of Honey is specially designed to soothe redness and hydrate thirsty skin. As a bonus, no need to rinse it, light strokes are enough to make the excess penetrate. In the same spirit, the Calming mask by Suzanne Kaufmann , also made with honey and shea butter, is ultra comforting and a champion in tracking down redness.

If you're missing a few hours of sleep, Suzanne Kaufmann's Glow Mask is unparalleled for restoring radiance to your skin however, avoid it if it's very sensitive, as this product contains fruits that exfoliate the skin, chasing away gray and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin itches or blushes for a yes or a no, give it the Healing earth mask by Susanne Kaufmann instead. A deep-cleansing treatment based on clay and plant extracts that clarifies the complexion, rebalances sebaceous secretions and deeply cleanses the skin. This product will also delight combination and oily skin, which it will rid of their impurities while providing them with the hydration they need.

So, what are you waiting for to give yourself your beauty minute? ?
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