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Valentine's Day: our essentials to treat yourself ❤️

It doesn't matter if you are in a relationship or single. Valentine's Day is everyone's day. It's the feast of Love with a capital “A”: love of others, love of life, love of nature and (of course) love of self. We have gathered for you all our favorite nuggets to do good, let go and reconnect with your senses. And because when you love, you don't count, don't forget: the "real" Valentine's Day is all year round!

#1 A fine stone for massage according to the rules of the art

A beauty accessory as beautiful and desirable as a jewel? Yes, it exists. At Happy Officine, the must-have rollerblades and gua sha are available in quartz and stones with precious finishes...

The gua sha is a massage accessory inspired by Chinese medicine. It allows you to apply your care while sculpting the contours of your face and smoothing the signs of aging. Our darlings: those of Odacité, in luxurious versions in blue sodalite , pink quartz and aventurine .

Here is a variant of gua sha: the roller for the face. It is made up of a mineral stone which rolls over the skin and helps to relax the features. The Yù Beauty face roller is made of the finest quality rose quartz. In lithotherapy, it is said that this stone attracts love and tenderness.

In a more masculine version (but usable by everyone), we recommend the black jade roller from Absolution . It has the particularity of having two tips: a large one and a small one, to even massage the eye contour. It is ideal for fighting dark circles, puffiness and blemishes.


Black Jade Roller



#2 A perfume to get drunk with happiness

Who has forgotten the perfume of their first love? A fragrance can influence our mood, our desires and those of those around us. Choose yours well to feel like in a cocoon.

Orange blossom is one of the most tender essences created by Mother Nature. Leahlani's Bless scented oil captures all its facets: sparkling, delicious, bewitching. Apply this wonderful essence to your pulse points to cultivate harmony within and around you.

Those nostalgic for childhood will fall for Kerzon's "Super Fresh" scented mist . It blends cedar and ylang-ylang in a sensual and reassuring cocktail. Its plus: it can be used wherever you want. Spray it on your skin, on your clothes or even on your pillow.

And to awaken all your senses before love, diffuse a little Love Boost in your bedroom. This intimate ambient mist signed Aime was developed around the contributions of neuroscience. It stimulates pleasure with aphrodisiac notes of flowers and musks.

#3 Sweet attention to pamper your intimacy

These are all the facets of our anatomy that need love. Yes, even those which are still too often marked by taboos. Don't forget them, you will thank yourself.

Take care of your vulva with Agent Nateur's Holi(Sex) oil . Formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin, it prevents vaginal dryness with an incredibly sexy fragrance (rose-vanilla-jasmine). It can also be used as lubricating oil during intercourse.

If you want to spice up your antics alone or as a duo, fall for My Lubie intimate CBD oil . It has vasodilating properties that increase the sensitivity of your erogenous zones. Composed of only 7 ingredients, it can even be licked off during a massage...

And for a well-placed wink, quickly slip the aptly named Baume Q by Baûbo into your basket. Formulated on the basis of waxes and unrefined virgin oils, it nourishes the skin and soothes its small discomforts in the anal region. Gender neutral, this cute little jar is for everyone.

My Lubie

CBD Intimate Oil


Mood Cleansing

#4 A spa-at-home moment to refocus on the essentials

Happiness is sometimes only due to a good hot bath. To make your moment of relaxation even more delightful, add our wonderful bath salts and oils to your bathtub.

Negative energies to drive away? Transform your bath into a blue paradise with Odacité's "Mood cleansing" Ayurvedic bath salts. Enriched with Himalayan salt and essential oils of grapefruit and lemongrass, they calm stress and dark thoughts during a delicious bath.

For those who prefer bubble baths, fall for the Witch hazel bath by Suzanne Kaufmann. It produces delicate bubbles that burst with a relaxing fragrance. Its complex of extracts of witch hazel, chamomile and St. John's wort leaves the skin soft, as if revitalised.

And to end this moment of well-being in style, treat yourself to a good scrub. Evolve's coconut & monoi body scrub eliminates dead cells while perfuming the skin with exotic scents. Generous in nourishing oils, it leaves the skin silky and glowing to perfection: in short, chewable.

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