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Sun Safe: the essentials to adopt to protect your skin from the sun

Of all the stressors that threaten to compromise the integrity and vitality of our skin on a daily basis, the sun is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Its positive action on our mood and our ability to synthesize vitamin D on contact with it of course make it a valuable ally on other fronts, and it would simply be impossible for us to do without sun exposure. That said, UVs oxidize our cells and create spots, sunburn and the potential for skin cancer that we always underestimate too much. So how do you enjoy the sun as you dream of, without putting yourself in danger? Here are our top tips!

Prevention is better than cure

Above all, the most important rule remains that moderation prevails. It would be very sad to do without the pretty rays of sunshine that put a lot of balm in our hearts and allow us to spend time outdoors – a golden healthy habit in itself!

But exposing yourself to the sun from morning to evening would not be reasonable, as would exposing yourself during the most dangerous hours (between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.). We therefore favor the mornings and the end of the day for walking or "tanning" and we arm ourselves with all possible physical protection (sunglasses, clothes, hats, etc.). Then, we apply the most important rule no matter what: we apply sun protection daily.

Yes, even when it rains and even when you stay at home (or at least if you are in a very bright environment or spend a lot of time near a window). It seems superfluous, and yet it's probably the only beauty habit that will ever be.

If we compare the inconvenience of applying additional care in a few seconds and removing it correctly in the evening with an appropriate make-up remover, with the risks to which the sun's rays expose us... the conclusion is always the same: prevention is better than cure. So that it is not a chore, we carefully choose a treatment that suits us and therefore the texture does not aggravate any existing conditions (a texture that is too rich for already oily and acne-prone skin, or on the contrary a mattifying gel for dry skin).

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you are in a hot climate (where the rays are more aggressive) or if you spend time in the water, you reapply your protection of choice during the day without forgetting her ears, neck and cleavage.

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We are full of antioxidants

Always with the idea of ​​preparing your skin to face the sun, but also to neutralize any damage, we bet everything on skin formulas and food supplements ultra-concentrated in antioxidants.

As for supplements, we treat ourselves to a cure of We want a sublime tan from Atelier Nubio which prepares the skin for exposure to the sun and helps to maintain a luminous tan, even after the holidays. Indeed, it activates the process of pigmentation of the skin while boosting its defenses against free radicals.

On the skincare side, add a vitamin C-rich serum to your morning routine that you apply to dry, not damp skin, so as not to risk causing irritation, before your usual moisturizer and sun protection.

The palm of the best texture goes eternally to the Haute C Lilfox treatment which brings an immediate bluffing glow! To travel without having to carry too much liquid with us, or if we are a regular on vitamin C and are looking for a slightly stronger formulation, we opt for the brilliant powder Holi (c ) Agent Nateur who slips into the serum of his choice for a tailor-made treatment.

We put our skin to rest at night

In summer, there is no question of testing the limits of your skin by adopting new potentially invasive treatments such as vitamin A derivatives (the retinol family) or by abusing exfoliating acids (AHA and BHA).

These treatments will be magical when you return from vacation and in the fall to bring a lot of radiance to complexions suddenly strewn with small spots and to correct other small inconveniences linked to exposure to the sun, but they would excessively sensitize skin in the middle of the season. summer.

So we leave them at home, to find them better later! And at night, opt for treatments that are as gentle and nourishing as possible, or even slightly occlusive if you are not prone to acne, to allow your skin to catch its breath and prevent transepidermal water loss that often occur in the summer.


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