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Everything for my hair: the best green care for the hair of our dreams

Whatever your hair type, a holistic approach is needed to ensure optimal growth, shine and the finest quality hair fiber possible. This obviously requires appropriate care for its needs, but also food supplements and a diet that support all our internal systems. Here is a selection of our best hair nuggets, to love your hair like never before!

A matter of balance and nutrition

Did you know that the number one cause of excessive hair loss is stress?

Hormones as well as our diet, our genetic predispositions and chronic conditions also weigh in the balance, but stress is often the unsuspected culprit of sudden clumps of hair that can be lost.

It is worth remembering that, on average, we lose a hundred hairs a day naturally. If you do not wash your hair daily, it is therefore perfectly normal for a slightly greater loss to occur when shampooing.

Beyond that, it's always good to start by investigating your sources of stress at the moment to treat more severe hair loss. On the nutrition side, an anti-inflammatory diet is ideal but not always feasible. If you want to strengthen your hair fiber or stimulate its growth, it is best to opt for foods, teas and supplements rich in minerals, iron and silica such as nettle, which are also excellent for the health of our nails. .

Ingredients like horsetail, arugula and spirulina also contribute to healthy and vigorous growth.

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We want a growth booster

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Depolluting Salt Scrub

Less is often more

As for her hair care routine, less is more!

If you are used to washing your hair daily, you train to space out your shampoos gradually until you reach a frequency between one and three times a week maximum.

The hair will be a little oily at first, but it will be temporary since, like combination and oily skin, the more the scalp is stripped of its natural oils, the more it will produce more to defend itself against this habit perceived as an attack.

The production of sebum should be regulated in a few weeks, it is only a bad (small) time to pass. To support this process, but also routinely to declutter your scalp from time to time, use a scrub specially designed for this purpose such as the Depolluting Salt Scrub Cut By Fred or the True Enlightenment Scrub Innersense which will also allow on the long term to stimulate growth.

On the styling side, we try to limit the use of heat sources and we opt, if our natural texture allows it, for air drying. We also avoid overloading the hair with excess lacquer and dry shampoo which will only weigh it down.

For an optimal wash, we opt for simple but effective and infallible formulas in their list of green and respectful ingredients as found at Cut By Fred with the now cult Vegan Moisturizing Shampoo and the darling range from Innersense, Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner .

We pamper his scalp

In the same idea that it is essential to space out your shampoos as much as possible and to use a scrub from time to time, thinking about caring for your scalp is vital.

It is from a balanced and healthy scalp that healthy and abundant growth can follow. To stimulate the blood flow and therefore the circulation of this region, we arm ourselves with a massage brush such as the Stimulating Scalp Brush Cut By Fred which we use during washes, but also with a hairbrush which allow to smooth the fiber while massaging us like the sublime Revitalizing Brush Nuori which are made from a mixture of nylon and natural fiber bristles.

Finally, we adopt a treatment specially designed to nourish, care for, protect and stimulate the scalp, such as the magical Susanne Kaufmann Hair Elixir , which immediately soothes minor irritations and helps to remedy hair loss quickly.


Revitalizing Hair Brush