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What ?

An ultra-gourmet nourishing and exfoliating mask that erases small skin irregularities thanks to enzymes and rosehip seeds, and deeply nourishes the epidermis.

For who ?

Absolutely everyone, even sensitive skin, and especially dry skin with imperfections.

Why do we love it?

This mousse could be eaten almost with a spoon! This mask with a completely addictive texture and aromatic profile melts into the skin and exfoliates it without ever irritating it. We particularly love its pure cocoa extract which brings a lot of radiance to the complexion and instantly relieves all minor irritations thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

For what concerns?

Jungle Glow Lilfox

The Jungle Glow Lilfox hybrid mask has everything of a magic wand! In one application, it relieves irritation and nourishes dry skin, while erasing dead cells and skin irregularities that sometimes dull our complexion and compromise the effectiveness of our other treatments. Small, very fine rosehip seeds perform a very satisfying physical exfoliation and work hand in hand with an enzyme complex that works more deeply to refine the skin's texture.

A raw cocoa extract rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium, but also in antioxidant polyphenols, protects our cells and fights the harmful effects of our daily exposure to free radicals. This deliciously fragrant cocoa also stimulates circulation, thus awakening dull and tired complexions by bringing them a lot of radiance and vitality. Maracuja oil helps protect our skin by preventing the deterioration of our collagen, which is also impacted by the oxidizing elements of our environment, and by strengthening our skin barrier without ever congesting oily or acne-prone skin.

Our tips for using Jungle Glow Lilfox well

For a nourishing and comforting mask, apply this creamy foam in a thick layer on clean, slightly moistened skin and leave on for at least ten minutes, and ideally up to an hour. For an ultra-fast exfoliating treatment, apply a small amount of product to clean, moistened skin, leave on for a few minutes only, then exfoliate with your fingertips in circular motions before rinsing with water.

Main material of the packaging : Glass

Mel, Passiflora incarnata oil*, Kaolin clay, Theobroma cacoa*, Rosa rubiginosa oil* + powder, Citrus paradisi oil*, Citrus aurantium var.amara Oil*, Citrus sinensis oil*, Citrus bergamia FCF oil*, Cananga oderata oil*, Limonene***, Linalool***, Eugenol***, Geraniol***, Farnesol***

*Certified Organic  *** Naturally Occurring in Essential Oils

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Customer Reviews

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Masque très efficace et effets visibles dès la première application. Super odeur.
Texture collante, un peu déroutante la première fois, mais qui ne dérange pas ensuite.


Resserre les pores, hydrate la peau, texture surprenante à la première application mais très agréable ensuite sur le visage. Parfum subtil qui permet, le temps de la pose du masque une évasion exotique.

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