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Nettoyant Corps & Mains - Mandarine & Géranium

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Nettoyant Corps & Mains - Mandarine & Géranium

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Livraison Standard : 2 à 5 Jours ouvrables
Livraison Express : 1 à 2 Jours ouvrables

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Citrus-floral • Sweet • Uplifting

Raw, uncooked & cured, this unique wash was "cold" processed to retain the nutrients of its oil based recipe, giving a nourishing and moisturising feel, well after washing. With a mouth-watering, sweet citrus-floral blend, dedicated to uplift you with every wash. 

Traditional soap is made by cooking a mixture of fat (i.e. oils) with water distilled in plant ashes. The heat is efficient but also kills energy and the moisturising nutrition of the oils inside. We found a way to blend the oils without the need for heat. The mixture is instead cured in a barrel in a cool basement for several weeks - a slow, but unique cold-process that makes this the only wash of its kind in the world.


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