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Radiance boost mission: the essentials for a radiant complexion

Pimple scars, lentigines, "cemetery flowers", hyperpigmentation, pregnancy mask... Do these little spots stain your pretty face? We have what you need: clean cosmetics are full of natural and innovative active ingredients to sweep away a dull complexion. On the program: an unified complexion and a dazzling radiance to counter the gloom of September. We've tested and approved them, you love them: zoom in on these must-have products for a new look this fall.

Vitamin C: the VIP of radiance and anti-aging prevention

Vitamin C is THE active ingredient not to be missed to wake up your complexion. Summer or winter, we swear by it to fade the appearance of pigment spots. Our favorite brands are full of ingenuity to deliver it in a form that is both stable and efficient. A must for 25 to 99 year olds!

Lilfox is to cosmetics what haute couture is to fashion: a symbol of luxury and innovation coupled with incomparable expertise.

The proof with its Haute C serum , a high-end treatment designed to improve the appearance of mature skin from all angles. It is dosed at no less than 15% tetra-C (the only form of vitamin C whose lightening and pro-collagen effects have been proven!)

Do you prefer a minute treatment? Agent Nateur has designed an ultra-stable vitamin C serum, since it comes in the form of a powder: the Holi(C) Serum . Its precious vitamin is activated when it comes into contact with water. Simply mix a dose of powder with a few drops of water or your favorite lotion. And presto: you get a hyperconcentrated serum, ready to use!

National Agent

Holi(c) Vitamin C Serum

lil fox

Acid Glow

The Acids: The Strongest of the Gang

Acids dissolve protein bonds between dead cells. They therefore accelerate the natural desquamation process to reveal skin that looks smoother and brighter. We reassure you: they are carefully dosed to provide the right amount of exfoliation, without unpleasant surprises.

Oily skin with imperfections paradoxically tends to shine, but lack radiance. To clear your skin from the start of the day, there's nothing like Agent Nateur's Acid(wash) Gel . Its specificity? It is formulated with lactic acid, which exfoliates the skin and helps clear clogged pores right from the cleansing phase. Bye bye, dull complexion and morning shine!

Makeover in 30 seconds? This is possible with the Acid Glow from Lilfox . This fuchsia colored jelly combines glycolic, lactic, citric, tartaric and salicylic acids for an almost instant glow. Lotus powder completes its exfoliating action with a mechanical boost that accelerates the lightening of dull complexions. The last minute savior of all your appointments!

Enzymes: to even out sensitive skin

Enzymes have effects similar to acids, but have the advantage of being generally better tolerated by reactive skin. If you have sensitive, dehydrated or redness-prone skin, they will help you regain a clear and even complexion while minimizing the risk of discomfort.

In the category of unforgettable masks, we ask for the bio-fermented red wine mask (yes yes) from Naturallogic . This surprising plum-pink nectar with a velvety texture is loaded with enzymes and probiotics that maximize the skin's radiance in an amazing way. Its flagship active ingredient: fermented red grapes, which require 6 months of production and whose properties are reinforced with each new moon. A great classic of the brand available only in seasonal version.

The "boost" treatment that everyone agrees on: Susanne Kaufmann's Enzyme Scrub . We love its ice cube effect (thank you for the hint of menthol!) To be reserved for those difficult mornings that follow sleepless nights, to refresh and even out leaden complexions.

Susanne Kaufman

Enzyme exfoliator

Susanne Kaufman

Multi-protection mist

Antioxidants: to prevent the gray mine linked to free radicals

Do you know why free radicals are at the heart of beauty concerns? Because they break down the chemical constituents of our precious skin cells. Result: the skin is as if devitalized and the complexion quickly dulls. Quick, quick, an antioxidant shield!

Delbôve's Éphémérides serum is one of the favorite potions for skin prone to the first signs of aging to maintain a beautiful luminosity. It penetrates the cells in the blink of an eye to stimulate the skin's defenses and reactivate its glow day after day. Choose it without hesitation if you have skin prone to redness: it will help you find a more even complexion.

Do you work on screen every day? Beware of the harmful effects of blue light, involved in oxidative stress and accelerated skin ageing. To protect yourself in the office, always keep a bottle of Susanne Kaufmann Multi-Protection Mist close at hand. This concentrate of high-performance alpine active ingredients boosts the skin's anti-radical defenses in just a few sprays. P.S. : yes, you can easily use it over your make-up!