We want… an interview with Claire Nouy, ​​founder of Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio inspires “made in Paris” holistic beauty: fresh, natural and desirable. Its range of fresh vegetable juices, collagen broths, food supplements and face care appeal to all those who have the pleasure of testing it! Today, exclusively for Happy Officine, Claire Nouy, ​​founder of Atelier Nubio, shares her vision and her projects for the brand.

Hello, Claire, thank you for agreeing to take your time to satisfy the curiosity of our readers! 😊 You founded Atelier Nubio in 2014 with Gabrielle Rotger-Marcombes, agricultural engineer. How was this innovative project born?

Hello to the whole Happy Officine team! To answer you, I would say that the Atelier Nubio brand was born from my conviction that beauty is nourished from within. Raw, colorful, healthy food, vector of pleasure and well-being has always been fundamental in my life.

I had a sort of epiphany one summer night in Italy, on the shores of the Great Lakes. I was on vacation between jobs at the time. I dreamed up the name of the brand and its concept. At the beginning, it was mainly a question of selling very specific juice cures online, focusing on detoxification and beauty of the skin. The project has since made its merry way, but the initial trigger remains the same: to offer effective, innovative and sensual plant-based elixirs to boost the body on a daily basis.

It was also during this famous night that I visualized the one who would become my partner – Gabrielle. I had met her during a previous professional experience. As soon as I got home, I pitched her and… she said yes! Atelier Nubio was born.

Nutricosmetics is an increasingly trendy niche. Many skincare companies are increasing their incursions there, with more or less legitimacy. How does the Atelier Nubio brand manage to shine with unaltered brilliance in a market that has become so competitive?

I am delighted that other brands are taking up the subject! It must be said that the food supplement market needed a good dusting off. There is still work to do to restore it to its former glory, but things are moving in the right direction.

Atelier Nubio's uniqueness stems directly from our brand's historical interest in fresh vegetable juices. In fact, we see beauty supplements as cogs in our diet in their own right – we embody “beauty food”! I would add that we are, to date, the only brand to formulate food supplements as clean food, that is to say without additives, excipients or carriers. Our bias deliberately goes against conventional methods using maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, preservatives, flavorings, etc.

In addition, we have always wanted to stand out with natural, organic and sensory formulations – more desirable, in short. This is why we also offer our food supplements in a wide variety of forms that allow you to vary the pleasures: liquid, powder, chewable ribbon and capsules.

You have just released We Want…The Secret of the Nymphs. These are the first 100% herbal gummies (and therefore 0% superfluous) to enter the beauty food sector. An ambitious project, which necessarily led to many challenges... Can you tell us more?

Gummies are all the rage right now, but they're not necessarily as "clean" as you'd like. So-called “conventional” gums generally contain glucose or another invert sugar, combined with vitamins or synthetic minerals.

We want… le secret des nymphes is a “new wave” product. It is the result of particularly intense research and daring experimentation undertaken by the female scientists of the Atelier Nubio team. Our goal with these gummies was to bring even more transparency, naturalness and authenticity to the classic offer of food supplements.

The result is a chewing tape that contains no synthetic ingredients, glucose, gelatin, flavorings or added sugars. Instead, it gives pride of place to berries and plants from the French terroir: apple, blueberry, pungent nettle, brewer's yeast, purple echinacea.

We know your taste for innovation, which we find in particular through a selection of patented active ingredients with clinically proven efficacy, such as Lipowheat™ (in We want... pretty cheekbones). But, the height of audacity, you have also managed to deposit your own plant complexes. This is the case with Freja™ (in We want… a radiance booster). How did you achieve this tour de force?

One of Atelier Nubio's big strengths is having its own in-house R&D team. All of the products we release have been designed by female scientists who work for us full time.

Like all members of our team, our researchers cherish both innovation and nature. This is what allows us to offer food supplements that create surprise, both in terms of their formulations and their organoleptic properties.

It is to our R&D department that we owe, in particular, our famous Freja™ complex. Its name is a nod to that of the goddess of abundance and fruit, because we have developed it from the plants richest in polyphenols (purple carrot, wild blueberry, black grape). It constitutes the antioxidant heart of our food supplements.

Your products also stand out for the particularly demanding selection process of their raw materials. What are the most important criteria you apply to your sourcing?

Yes, indeed, we are uncompromising on sourcing. It is also thanks to this positioning that we are today one of the only brands of food supplements whose products are certified organic – and believe me, it is a major constraint!

We are committed to promoting French heritage. We therefore favor plants from France, which we also transform on the territory. Almost all of our formulations consist exclusively of plants and active ingredients grown, harvested and processed in our regions. Made in France is really in our DNA.

On the other hand, as we want to offer products with optimal efficiency, we take the time to select botanical active ingredients and probiotic strains whose properties have been validated by clinical studies.

This is a very demanding positioning, which requires a lot of time and investment, but the enthusiastic feedback from our clients confirms it: the game is worth the effort!

It did not escape us that you released a line of facial cosmetics in May 2022, “Essentielle Almond”. Why did you make almonds your star ingredient?

Absolutely. To be more precise, it is the active ingredient of Corsican almond milk which is the star ingredient of the range! It seduced us all with its softness and its particularly interesting moisturizing potential, for all ages and for all skin types. It also contains remarkable antioxidant powers.

Obviously, we are very sensitive to its paradisiacal provenance. What better place than the Isle of Beauty to select an active ingredient dedicated to the beauty of the skin? Corsica also has a long history in the cultivation of almond trees, since it is estimated to be the first producing region in France. It was a way for us to pay tribute, once again, to the natural resources of our French terroir.

So today you are at the head of a wide range of food supplements (about twenty, with a ladle) and a line of cosmetics. What are your plans to end 2022 and start 2023 in style? New products, new galenics, new active ingredients, new eco-responsible commitments? We want to know...

We are currently preparing some nice collaborations as well as new products that you should like. But shh: it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you more now. We will have to wait a little longer. 😉

We are also very proud to be on the verge of being approved as a “mission-oriented company”. In France, this is a very special status granted to companies whose social and environmental goals are recognized.

In the same vein, Atelier Nubio is also in the process of obtaining B Corp (Benefit Corporation) certification. Obtaining this label seals our commitment to the general interest. It is a real recognition of our work!

Just between us, what is your secret for facing everyday life with such energy?

As soon as I feel that something (or someone!) is bothering me, I try to change my vision of it and approach everything through the prism of humor or entertainment. Laughing and having fun are my main escapes so as not to be nibbled away by the mental load and the gloomy news of the world.

What would you advise to all those who read us and who would like to take their first steps on the path of “in & out” beauty?

Curiosity is the only sine qua non! You have to want to explore, test and, above all, listen to yourself… We have several guides available on our site. Sometimes, simply reading them makes you aware of certain things. We open doors and go through the ones that speak to us at the moment… That's also holistic beauty.

We shouldn't, but… do you have one or more favorites in the Atelier Nubio range?

For example, at the moment, my morning routine revolves around We want... pretty cheekbones (3 capsules with a large glass of warm water) and We want... a harmonious cycle. I then continue with a dry brushing session and a good shower that I finish with a jet of cold water on the thighs and breasts (glagla!)

In the evening, I love having a “bone broth” and I never skip the double cleansing routine. I first use the Essential Almond Cleansing Oil, then the Essential Almond Cleansing Pebble as the last step to remove any residue and leave your skin clean.

My personal bonus: once a month, I treat myself to two days of cold-pressed fresh green juice treatment – ​​energy boost and skin radiance guaranteed!