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Clean Beauty 

A useful little guide to clean beauty!

No, clean beauty isn't something seventies hippies wash their hair every full moon with grass flavored with glacier water. How to make a smooth transition to more responsible beauty and which products to adopt? Read our article!

I'll tell you right away, even if I should be ashamed of it: I'm not eco-friendly for everything.

Yes, I recycle, I even bought a bin with compartments where I scrupulously slip the waste that I sort. I also buy my clothes second hand, because I like the idea of ​​giving them a second life rather than over-consuming. I also prefer my toes and cycling to maxi-cars.

On the other hand, I admit my unavowable pleasure: I love taking my little hot bath when outside, the cold reigns, my herbal tea, my book, a candle and the delicate perfume of the oil of which I slip a few drops into the water …. Everything relaxes me immediately. So ok, I use and abuse liters of water and that's very bad. But I compensate in terms of beauty by stopping spreading anything on my skin. It's good for the planet and for my skin!

Before working for Happy Officine, I already had some beautiful habits to consume in an intelligent way, but since then, I track down the labels and I take out my fatal weapon (i.e., my trash can) each time I fall back, in my wardrobe, on a treatment that goes against my principles.

Basically, how to spot a clean product? Take out your notebooks, here is the to do list: a clean beauty product is a so-called clean treatment: it does not contain controversial ingredients (exit synthetic chemicals), it is natural, includes a very reasonable number of ingredients .

This phenomenon happened a few years ago and has grown more and more…why turn to clean beauty? First of all today we have an increasingly sensitive skin due in particular to pollution as well as stress.

So, when you apply a product made of silicone or mineral oils (petroleum for example) to your skin, which clogs the pores… you can imagine the result on already sensitized skin. As for the era in which we live, it is increasingly anxiety-provoking: time is short, results must be instantaneous and brands are in the perpetual quest for the most miraculous product possible, regardless of what it contains.

From now on, a cream must remove wrinkles in one application, a gloss must plump up in 30 seconds and a body lotion must rehydrate extremely dry skin in a snap. It's effective in the moment, but is it really also in the long term? Can a product that performs miracles in thirty seconds like a teleshopping weight-loss machine really be reliable?

You know the answer: no.

And no, not all so-called "natural" beauty products are clean. Read our article above on labels! An organic product (beware of scam labels) with grapefruit may have been designed with a majority of water… so no effectiveness!

When you buy a clean beauty product that really is, it benefits from proven and tested effectiveness. Its ingredients? They truly draw their powers from nature. The very one that has intelligently regenerated itself for millennia despite natural disasters.

How to scrutinize the products? By using certain apps that scan barcodes to discover ingredients! Our favourites? Skin Deep from the Environmental Working Group or Clean Beauty from Officinea.

What products should you adopt to lead you towards a beauty routine that is responsible both for you and for the planet? Our favorites!


On the Wild Side, “Radiate” day cream

Why? This 100% clean, vegan and natural product is Ecocert certified (reference label). It is composed of vegetable oils such as plum, sunflower, sweet almond or borage oil as well as wakame seaweed. The latter contains strong anti-aging properties.


Nuori, Protect + Cleansing Milk

Why? This Scandinavian brand favors 100% healthy products. Composed of avocado oil, castor and natural glycerin to fight against dehydration, its formula has been enriched with chamomile and aloe vera for their soothing and anti-inflammatory powers. Natural, this milk gently cleanses the skin in order to eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day and it also reduces irritation and redness. 


Odacité, serum PF+o

Why? Odacité is the clean brand made in the USA that starts from a touching life trajectory. The 100% natural serums have received numerous beauty awards for their amazing effectiveness. Their strength? A palette of serums adapted to your skin problems ultra-concentrated in natural ingredients.

As it's the season, I use the anti-grey mine one which boosts my morale as much as my complexion!


Cut by Fred, vegan moisturizing shampoo

Why? "Cut by Fred" is the story of a passionate hairdresser who wanted to prove that you could have beautiful hair using clean products. A range whose content made of natural ingredients as well as the content (biodegradable) are good for the planet! I really like the 100% natural shampoo, which has a sweet almond scent. A treatment that pampers and repairs my scalp!

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