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Trick or treat: the little treasures to treat yourself to for Halloween

Candy or spell? I'll settle for little sweets, please, thank you. At a time when the days are getting shorter and the cold sets in, it is quite legitimate to want to boost your morale with gentle attentions from yourself to yourself. Intimacy, beauty, skin care, energy: live the Halloween season with panache and treat yourself with our pretty occasional surprises, chosen especially for you. With them, you will no longer have any reason to fear the monsters of the end of the year!

Halloween #intimate: I wake up the beast that sleeps in me ❤️

The intimate routine is your worst nightmare? Take advantage of the electrifying and mystical atmosphere of Halloween to let go. Hair softer than ever, an aphrodisiac scent and a clever vibrator: no creature on this earth can resist this explosive cocktail.

This fall, the object of all male and female desires is Huile Fauve by Uny . This complex of vegetable oils makes the hair as silky as you want and diffuses a sexy smell, a bit animal, like skin heated in the sun. Enough to put you in good conditions…

To spice up your solo or duo play sessions, spray a little Love Boost Aime mist in the bedroom. Formulated with the contribution of experts in neuroscience, it multiplies the sensations of desire and love. An erotic nectar based on flowers and white musks, literally intoxicating.

Now is the time to take action. Here is a discreet but daring companion that will haunt your future nights of love: the Fin vibrator developed by Dame. Just put it on your finger (or that of the gentleman) to enjoy an extraordinary clitoral stimulation.




Everyday Endurance

Halloween #wellness: I arm myself against the ghosts of winter

Winter is coming... We are already taking out scarves, hats and big sweaters to protect ourselves from the cold. And above all, we start now to boost our body against the nasty germs of November and December. The teeth of winter will not bite you!

Immune system at half mast? Start or end the day with a teaspoon of L'Immunité de Hygée. This "magic" powder is formulated with adaptogens, antioxidants and probiotics that boost the body's natural defences. Its light taste of cinnamon announces delicious autumn evenings by the fire...

For those feeling mentally and physically drained, there 's Cosm's Chill Potion. It consists of a synergistic marriage of reishi, ashwagandha, goji berry and rhodiola root. In short, the best of adaptogenic plants to fight stress in all its forms.

Your energy level is at zero? Nothing more normal in this season. Give your body a life-saving boost with The Energy of Hygea . Bye bye difficult mornings! And if you're more into chewing gummies, let yourself be tempted by Supernatural's Everyday Endurance (small express pick-ups with medicinal plants, efficient and tasty!)

Halloween #beauty: I dare to be flashy without shaking

The best exorcist of the ambient depression? The color, of course! At Halloween, we dare to think outside the box with intense makeup that creates surprise. If black remains the timeless of the season, flashy colors have something to spice up any look. Vade retro, morosita!

Crooked nails not your thing? Highlight them instead with Manucurist's Green nail polish with biosourced ingredients. Our favorite shades of the season: a bright blood red (“Anemone”), a gourmet pumpkin orange (“Terracotta”) and a cosmic purple (“Armeria”).

If you are one of those who like to prolong the pleasure, fall for the semi-permanent Green Flash version . A small revolution in clean cosmetics that ensures foolproof shine and hold! Also find the Kit with 24 W LED lamp and integrated removal pliers .

Complete your look with a few touches of Le Smoky Absolution pencil. Creamy to perfection, it spreads and blends with disconcerting ease. The final touch to your smoky make-up: a thick line of black eyeliner , perfect even for sensitive eyelids.


Le Smoky Eyeshadow Pencil

Susanne Kaufman

Body Butter

Halloween #cocooning: I avoid scares to my skin

Who says October says chainsaw massacre for your skin. It is the great return of discomfort, dull complexion and a whole procession of skin phenomena linked to dehydration. The solution ? Take skincare to the next level by focusing on comforting textures and gentle active ingredients.

On the face side, we slow down on exfoliants. It's time to replace your cherished glycolic acid with Nuori's Gentle Glow Tonic . It is so gentle that it can be used every day, even by sensitive skin. Comfortable, glowing skin without going pumpkin red? Jackpot!

On the body side, we prevent crocodile skin, desquamations and other horrific scenarios with a good dose of Susanne Kaufmann's Body Butter . Its ultra-nourishing and generous texture will give you the impression of being in a cocoon of softness. An absolute must-have for the end of the year.

On the hands side, finally, we confine the witch fingers to the kitchen (yum) and we put on the On The Wild Side Hand Cream to prevent the "sandpaper" touch. We love its 100% natural-origin formula that melts into the skin to envelop it in a delicate protective veil. Addictive.