Beauté IN & OUT 

Quick, a tailor-made cure!

Do as I do: in addition to the skin care that I apply morning and evening, I have adopted another routine that I love, beauty cures, just to do me good…from the inside!

My home doctor is called Mr. Cure. Because throughout the year, I adapt the cures according to the needs of my body and my skin. Summer and winter, it's the same ritual every morning and I confess to you that I've never been as well as since I started three years ago.

What is the point of dietary supplements if you eat well and use the right cosmetic products, you might say?

Their goal is to maintain good health, to energize a flattened body or soul, but also to fill in potential deficiencies. Thanks to targeted active ingredients, they multiply the efforts you make both cosmetically and in terms of lifestyle by acting from the inside.

In short, it is a concentrate of well-being in capsules (or other formulas).

Beware of scams...

It's not because you find the top idea that you have to run to the nearest convenience store to get the promo at the price of 3 for 2 offered next to the cash desks.

Because many of them are unfortunately pure marketing products. I can never repeat it enough: take a good look at the composition of the product.

This must bring together nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements for example), plants and natural foods (mushrooms, algae), but also other substances for nutritional purposes such as antioxidants, enzymes, etc.

Then, pay attention to the concentration of the product – if it is spirulina and contains 0.02%, go your way.

And here, I'm not even talking about labels that tell you synthetic chemicals (like pesticides).

There, I authorize you to have a fit of nerves in front of the calibration of the products. Finally, pay attention to the origin of the products (when they come from organic farming, it's obviously much better), their dosage, the precautions for use and the place of conception of the treatment.

In short, to put it simply, stay on our site, you will be assured that here, you will have products that are 100% verified and 400% good for your health. Below, our selection of treatments according to your needs!

The makeover

I am a big fan of the cure made in France signed Day + . For all those who want to plump up their skin and strengthen their hair and nails, this treatment is made for them. Composed of collagen, spirulina, hyaluronic acid, pomegranates and zinc, it is 100% natural.

Magic, it stimulates the production of collagen and at the same time of antioxidants which act against the premature aging of the skin. The cure was imagined by Claire DEspagne who developed it with experts in dermatology to ensure the greatest possible effectiveness.

We drink the contents of the small stick (with lemon flavor) every morning.

For peace of mind

This is the Swiss discovery of the moment: IDSwiss Botanicals.

In the range, we love the food supplement in the form of CBD-based oil (1000 mg for 10 ml). And don't worry, the product has been intelligently thought out since it contains therapeutic properties to provide restful sleep or anxiety relief without having the psychoactive effects of THC, because the latter is simply absent from this formula. .

As a bonus, this food supplement contains extracts of mint essential oils which are excellent allies to soothe our digestive system. It can be used in microdose at the rate of two drops on the tongue twice a day in the event of stress, anxiety or chronic headaches or at the rate of 5 drops per day in the event of transient depression or inflammatory. The complete instructions for use can be found on our site.

For those who quit coffee...

…and who are looking for an energy booster, Sun Potion offers Dragon Match Powder rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll and, of course, caffeine! D

Something to fill the void of your morning cup of coffee. In addition, the product is rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, protein, iron and calcium, nutrients good for the skin, eyes and the whole metabolism.

This concentrate of benefits will give you peach, better immunity and velvety skin.

Slip 1.5 teaspoons of the famous powder into your hot water or morning milk two to four times a week to start the day in great shape.

Ouch, the "superfoods" still feel

Summer rhymes with beach, sun, drunken evenings and hearty meals.

Don't panic, it's time to take care of your inner body to clean it thoroughly and start afresh.

For this we adopt the Atelier Nubio cure since we want a flat belly of naiad . Composed of a perfect mixture to take care of yourself, this cure can only do you good!

It contains mint, artichoke, grape juice and fennel. Together, they will facilitate digestion and detoxify the body while also acting on water retention thanks to the grape.

We drink a shot every morning dry bottom or diluted in a little water for three to six weeks as needed.