Clean Beauty 

Watch out, baby on board!

The sleeping bag is done. The mattress is also good. The seat for the nickel car. But have you thought about the care to adopt when you are pregnant? That's good, that's what we're here for ...

It was a few months ago, my sister offered me a family tea time with her lover. Sitting on the family sofa, she had brought a small gift for everyone Inside there were slippers with the pretty message “future aunt”.

I admit that this precious moment of life I remember indelibly. I was at the same time moved, happy, surprised, everything was mixed ...
And then, I thought about the small happiness that was going to be born and about the future gifts that his aunt was going to give him (obviously, knowing me, he risks being overwhelmed by gifts ! ;)).

Then, having taken aromatherapy courses, I of course thought of my sister 's care !
Indeed, we think about it very little, but when you are pregnant, daily habits must be adapted, well beyond those that feed our plates. Some ingredients contained in cosmetic products can be harmful for the baby and for us. And who says pregnancy, says in particular skin weakened and sensitized by hormones.

Here is our checklist of ingredients to avoid:

We also forget most essential oils pure or diluted in cosmetic products, considered too powerful and aggressive in the case of pregnancy. Exit Retinol, vitamin A and salicylic acid (BHA) found in most anti-acne products. The aluminum salt contained in most deodorants (and which should also be avoided in normal times !), preservatives such as parabens and benzophenones which are present in most sun creams, triclosan which is generally found in toothpaste, but also ammonia and formaldehyde, very present in varnishes and in most dyes. Phthalates, contained in synthetic perfumes and some nail polishes

is also to be avoided absolutely. Finally, on the make-up side, certain eye shadows and mascaras can cause irritation. This last information is obviously to be adapted according to the possible reactions of your skin.

But then what do we do ?

I see you coming: my list of non-recommended products is not very appealing, I admit But in the end, the equation is easier than you think: we especially avoid products that are irritating and too aggressive for the skin. And then, over time, you begin to know the answer we obviously favor natural products and as clean as possible! (You'll see my list of potential gifts for yourself and your friends below.) And then, in terms of lifestyle, I wrote my sister's to do list : she must drink a lot, eat foods rich in omega 3 and sleep a lot.

Small products to do yourself good

To gently cleanse your skin, which is already highly sensitized, we suggest the facial cleanser made with apricot and jojoba oil . Its gel formula is composed of cold saponified vegetable oils. As the skin can quickly reveal sebum pimples when you are pregnant, this treatment will help regulate its appearance.

To continue to fight against the signs of aging, the "16 Precious" oil signed by Okoko Cosmetics is the essential serum. Antioxidant and protective, it will fill up with radiance and firmness while sparing you the presence of the famous retinol!

Because we need softness in all circumstances, test the infinite balm signed Baûbo ! Its rich and enveloping texture will instantly nourish your skin and calm existing irritations. !

And when he's there ?

To be applied to gently take care of the baby's skin, but also for you, we offer you this gentle oil composed of avocado kernel oil, flower petals, poppy seeds and apricots . This nourishing oil contains a calming effect and prevents irritation !