Favorite: The softest resurfacing mask on the planet

Who hasn't heard dark horror stories of failed peels? If a good exfoliation is an essential step to maintain the health of your skin, overdoing it is dangerously easy.

While combination to oily skin is a little more tolerant and a little treatment here and there, two to three times a week should not compromise it too much, more sensitive skin requires us to be much more vigilant. .

With the arrival of the sun and the long days spent on the terrace that go with it, it is all the more crucial to come to the aid of your protective skin barrier and to limit the number of active ingredients in your daily arsenal as much as possible.

But then, which exfoliant to choose if you don't really know where to start, and if you are terribly afraid of making a mistake?

There's almost never a perfect treatment for everyone, and yet the Naturallogic Alpha Beta Resurfacing Mask is the exception to the rule.

This organic treatment with fermented pumpkin and glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane smoothes the skin texture and boosts our natural cell renewal process in a few minutes, for instantly visibly more radiant skin.

The dream ally of sensitive skin, it is also particularly effective on skin with imperfections since it deeply treats small pimples and prevents the appearance of new intruders by limiting areas of congestion. 

And then, as if it weren't already perfect enough, its killer smell of pumpkin cinnamon cake would almost tempt us to eat it!

These gourmet ingredients that are generally reserved for cooking are in fact powerful antioxidants that gradually even out the complexion and better protect it from premature skin aging linked to excessive exposure to the elements and pollution.

A fermented pumpkin extract rich in beta-carotene and natural enzymes erases dead cells while acting on minor irritations thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This gentle but powerful mask should delight all skin types, without exception!