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The IT-List of the moment for a smoother return to school

This year, we are making sure that the start of the school year is synonymous with softness, self-care and well-being. This is the perfect time to stock up on treatments and dietary supplements. The objective: to fight against the effects of the stress of recovery and prepare your body for the cold season. On the occasion of the arrival of the Aime Skincare brand on the e-shop, Happy Officine reveals its favorite nuggets and its future bestsellers to approach the start of the school year in optimal conditions.

We opt for a minimalist, but effective face routine

To banish gray looks and blemishes at the start of the school year, we focus on a simple, fast and targeted skincare routine, with active ingredients that really make a difference.

Step #1 Cleanse your skin gently with The Simple Cleanser Aime . This very gentle cleansing gel has the particularity of not foaming to respect the fragile balance of the skin surface. It goes even further by strengthening the surface microbiota thanks to a complex of pre and probiotics. It is the darling of capricious skins that make imperfections at the slightest opportunity.

Step #2 Make a dull complexion look good with a vitamin C-enriched serum. A true 3-in-1, Simple Serum Aime combines moisturizing, radiance-enhancing and antioxidant action. We love its very fresh gel texture, incredibly pleasant to boost your skin during Indian summers. A glow expert that delights all skin types.

Step #3 We protect our skin from external aggressions while lightness. The right choice: The Simple Cream Aime . It contains exactly what you need, neither more nor less, to optimize the comfort and luminosity of the skin. Adios the superfluous: it is fragrance-free and composed of 100% natural ingredients. Even sensitive skin loves it.


The Simple Cream

Nubio workshop

We want a detox booster

We hunt for toxins accumulated during the summer

Summer is the season of all excesses. And when autumn arrives, our body pays the price. So, we quickly draw the right products to preserve an iron vitality.

Detoxifying the body involves taking care of your liver. This organ is indeed a real purification station for our body. When its barrier is altered by an unsuitable lifestyle, the body clogs up, gets tired and becomes more vulnerable to disease.

To protect his liver, we can offer him a 30-day cure of We want a detox booster from Atelier Nubio . These small, ultra-concentrated capsules give pride of place to plant extracts renowned for their choleretic properties, such as artichoke or milk thistle. Ultimately, they optimize digestive well-being and stimulate the body's draining functions.

Speaking of drainage… Are you also one of those people who suffer from feelings of heaviness at the end of summer? The famous phenomenon of heavy legs is essentially due to poor circulation. To find a little lightness, prefer the Body elixir Aime . The IN & OUT tip: use it in duo with the Aime body brush to smooth the appearance of your cellulite.

Treat yourself to a tasty and functional breakfast

In the morning, we learn to do without Miss Caffeine and its procession of undesirable effects on the skin and the body. We replace all that with gifted drinks with surprising benefits.

Between beauty and energy, you no longer need to decide to concoct an amazing breakfast. Aime has designed 4 formulas based on type 1 collagen peptides and adaptogens to allow you to start the day on the right foot, to take care of yourself... and of course, to treat yourself (because taste matters too!) Just mix them into a drink, and you're done.

If you already have your morning routine with a favorite drink, just add some Pink Glow to it. This pretty all-pink powder has the advantage of having a neutral taste and preserving the flavor of your beverages. In addition to its collagen (the best for preserving the youthful appearance of skin, nails and hair), it contains a whole host of vitamins that energize the body.

Are you greedy? You have the choice between Moccha Glow , Cacao Glow or Matcha Glow . Each of these drinks has its particularity: moccha takes care of intestinal comfort, cocoa soothes feelings of stress and matcha provides a generous dose of antioxidants. We grant you: the hardest part will be to choose only one. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures! 😉


Cacao Glow - Collagen Powder


skin scent

We try new well-being rituals

It's hard to get back to the office after several weeks of idleness... We offer you three nice little rituals to help you feel good in your head and good in your body.

# I discover Ayurvedic awakening. Did you know that Ayurvedic medicine recommends a very specific ritual to start the day? One of these steps is called “jihwa prakshalana” – tongue scraping! The principle is to use a tongue scraper to eliminate the layer of bacteria that has accumulated on the tongue during the night. Sensation of purity guaranteed.

# I perfume myself with a new gesture. After the spray perfume, make way for the oil perfume. Aime's Skin Perfume is equipped with a roll-on that deposits a delicious scented oil wherever you want it. The little white shirt made perfume, between elegance and casualness, to wear without moderation at the office or at home.

# I ensure pleasant nights. Are you so stressed that you lose sleep? Try adding a few drops of We Want a Starry Night in a glass of water before you go to bed. Its gentle synergy of linden, chamomile, lemon balm and verbena promotes physical and mental letting go and accompanies falling asleep in a relaxing atmosphere.

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