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Co-washing, or how to be a happy girl without shampoo!

My hair and shampoos, it's quite a story. And not just love, I can guarantee you that! If pampering my scalp saved me the tips I told you about it last week my happy secret for hair to make more than one jealous is co-washing.

My hair and shampoos, it's quite a story. And not only love, I can guarantee you that! If pampering my scalp saved me the ends  I told you about it last week -, my happy secret for hair to be the envy of more than one, it's co-washing.

Two years ago, in September, I watched with envy as my colleague Jenn took off for Sicily. On the program, beach and idleness. The beautysta who slumbers in me (ok, never very deeply) woke up to recommend that she coat her hair with monoi oil at the beach, so as not to come home with hair on her head. She replied very politely that she would do without: between the oily effect plus the smell, it seemed average to her to meet a guy, she was more likely to attract mosquitoes (which, I grant you, is less glam).

On her return, she sported a radiant look and dreamy hair. At the coffee machine, convinced that she had followed my advice, I couldn't help but slip her "So this monoi oil?»

She shrugged:

 Not at all, I did a little co-washing treatment.

In front of my mine which stretched out in perplexity (the co-what?), she specified: it's new, it comes from Australia and it consists of washing your hair with conditioner. Hence the name in English, “hair conditionersays to himself to condition, and the washing,washing".

The dual perspective of lightening my gym bag and saving time on shampoo days was enough to convince me to give it a shot. Nothing easier: we apply the famous conditioner on the hair instead of a classic shampoo, we massage, we rinse and we go to work.

I admit that it took me two or three tries to get used to the lack of foam. On the other hand, I immediately loved the magical effect on my hair. Capricious, they do as they please one day after washing. There, they were very soft, shiny and above all they remained so ! Over time, I realized that they tangle less and above all that they have less tendency to make knots (which I love to untangle, as you can imagine).

Since then, during the year, I alternate co-washing and traditional washing. This makes it possible to eliminate in depth all the particles pollution or cosmetics which clump together on the hair fiber and the scalp. And in the summer, as I wash them more often, I switch to 100 mode % co-washing. Suddenly, to eliminate the particles that agglomerate at the root, I offer myself from time to time a small exfoliation of the scalp.

Obviously, I shared my happy secret with the girlfriends, who just as quickly liked and adopted it. We all have different hair, it allowed us to retain these three principles:

1) We choose our conditioner like our shampoo: adapted to the needs of our hair. For the drier ones :

– if they are thick and curly:Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner

 and if they are dull and rough: The Vegan Hydration Mask

2) We massage in priority the lengths, with a small quantity of product - a nut is enough - , otherwise we risk weighing down the hair.

3) This practice is to be reserved for dry manes. Oily hair only appreciates exercise once in a while. A product that will please normal hair: The Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner